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I wonder how we saw our teachers, "says a young teacher Added:29.11. 2007
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I wonder how we saw our teachers, "says a young teacher

Tiny Miss, to which almost no one around her said that she will be one teacher, he rises every day before the board to twelve-two milliamperes dozens of teenagers gave at least some of their knowledge. Veronica Bražotikosová talked to us about studying at the Pedagogical Faculty of Ostrava University and what it means to be a teacher.

** Depending on what you chose a high school? The University has been automatically your choice, or did you originally wanted to go somewhere else? ** I had two more applications to college, but both basically the same field. I wanted to go do philosophy and history in Olomouc, although I do not know today what I did with this combination, because it was the teaching field.

** Why did you finally decide for teachers – from the philosophy of this is quite a jump? ** I wanted to study social sciences and this just left me, but I do not regret.

** It has been difficult to study? You should have a purely „ejector“ test? ** Much history has been difficult. The driving license or right to pajdáku ejection tests were not, but at year six did.

** You will remember for a test that haunted you at night? Which object you described as the hardest and which is the lightest? ** Those scarecrows was more on their driving license, it was a comprehensive examination of the philosophy of which were all terrified. But much worse it was on history, where I was most afraid of Universal History I and II of the General History., They were just testing the chute, and I had to repeat it. The lightest was about pajdák general, and the driving license for me were the lightest in the history of the twentieth century, even though I do not know exactly how the object named.

** I liked you study? ** Yes. I liked some of the lectures, I had to speak more precisely, the talks with Mr. Pavlicek associate professor, professor of Mrs. and Mrs. Pavelčíkové Grácová Associate Professor. Everyone basically teaches history in the twentieth century, even though it teaches Pavlicek lecturer in the Department of Civic Education. Bothered me to some of the requirements of the Department of History. Especially me angry that we were studying with professional historians, they were basically just history and we have yet to pajdák and other fields, but the requirements are the same for us, especially in terms of testing and required reading for some teachers.

** What about attendance at lectures? How faithfully attending future school teachers? ** I went very honestly, it does not normally have to bear, since most of the items we had no script and is more than clear that teachers in the tests focus on what they said in lectures, so it pays to go there and hear it .

** What was your relationship with the teachers? ** At year six they were mostly older people, so strong authority. The driving license, it was a little different, there were teachers to us more responsive, but the main problem was about this: I did pajdák, ID, history, the pajdáku we did not have much in love, because we study history (and they discomfort with the Department of History ) and year six did not recognize the us again because we are „just teachers“, so we left it only that katedra citizen. Although not all the history with us looked like, so that there simply was felt.

** You should have the opportunity to complete the study and practice? How long? What was the first business day of school? ** We practice for the third year, but we basically just walked in the listening sessions, so we sat back and watched how to teach, and then we odučili every one hour. Continuous practice I had in the last year, I think it was for five weeks. The first day before the board was very nervous.

** And what about children? Not availing themselves of nervousness teacher Miss? ** The continuous practice, let it, because it sat in the back of their teacher.

** How do you manage now? ** It depends. There are classes where it is very hard, but mostly it's cool. I was nervous most of třídnictví. When they told me that I have with děckama first four hours, so I know what I'm there with them so long to do.

** You stabilize the first hour? How to get along together? ** I finally stabilizes, we chose self-government, fielding a variety of things, so it came out just right. In class I Nineteen children, sometimes they are quite wild, but I think I get on well with them. Sometimes I just an idea if we were like that too, and if we also saw our class as I see it now.

** Where do you work today? ** I teach the first elementary school in Krnov have full-time and basically I'm the one certificated teacher and citizen of history at the school. Moreover, I am the sixth grade class.

** It was hard to find a job after school? ** This was more of a coincidence, I sent emails to different schools and then I even tried to call and when I called at this elementary school and told me that they were just leaving a teacher of history, and that I have come to imagine. I went there and called the next day that I take.

** How much time do you spend preparing for class? ** Preparations to do most at home in the evening, mainly to write what about what's in the book, děckám entered into the workbook. What form it odučím are often only be decided depending on the situation in the classroom. Usually it is so that one preparation takes me half an hour to an hour. Fortunately, I teach a parallel class, so if it does get it, so I have an eight week course to the history and three of the citizen.

** I was a university course useful? Využíváš some knowledge in practice? On other hand I came to teach you too, you're still not used in practice? ** Unnecessary half the items on their driving license, because we took rather a form of what it learns in high school, we do philosophy, sociology, and it does not even mention their driving license. But on the other hand, because I gained greater insight and put more things into context. History used by virtually all the time, albeit in much simpler form.

** What would you advise students who are thinking about studying? ** That it should think twice because by the time they get to practice, so it's too late to say that it is not so good.

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