Competition for high school students on a trip to Brussels Added:27.11. 2007
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Competition for high school students on a trip to Brussels

European Schoolnet (European Schoolnet) together with the organization of the Museum of Europe announced a competition for schools „50 Years Together in Diversity“.

** Who can participate ** A team of 10 to 20 students that can participate in the competition can, in the extracurricular activities of all schools and organizations. The number of posts that one school can send the contest is not limited. Students must be aged 14 to 20 years.

** Subject and form of competition ** Competition theme is „50 Years Together in Diversity“. Competition entry should be the result of teamwork and should consist of its parts: 1st Part one: an essay on the extent of more than 500 words. This essay must be a collective work and should answer this question: „What are the key tasks will you think in the next fifty years to the European Union? How can it solve? "Essay must be accompanied by name and must be submitted in one of the following languages: English, French, Italian, German, Dutch and Spanish. 2nd Part Two: visual composition, such as Power Point presentations, video, short film, photomontage (file photo) or poster. The composition should focus on the theme "Europe in our daily lives“ and should be in the vernacular of students.

** The deadline ** The deadline is 31 December 2007.

** ** Prizes for winners The prize for the winner a trip to Brussels to visit the Museum of Europa, which will be held in March 2008. A trip to the 27 winning teams, including travel and accommodation, ensures the Museum of Europe.

More information „here.“: Http://www.50y­­50years/rules­.htm

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