Open Day and the Day of chemistry at the Technical University - 4 12th Added:1.11. 2007
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Open Day and the Day of chemistry at the Technical University - 4 12th

Faculty of Chemistry Brno University of Technology held on Tuesday, 4th Open Day in December. Opens its doors to the public at 10.00, the program ends at half past four in the afternoon. Groups of visitors make the teaching rooms, laboratories and other rooms experienced faculty guide. Those interested can then watch a short film called The Life of the faculty.

At the same time Day open house at the faculty held a Day of chemistry. Those interested to get acquainted with the faculty and its constitution, but in addition to information about the study will also have the chance to visit the exhibition of major chemical companies. Obtained information on options for the future certainly interested in studying chemistry will be welcomed.

On Tuesday prepared faculty truly rich program that has yet to persuade any undecided people interested in chemical fields, wonders what chemistry can do. Ready is also interesting program, which is obviously in the spirit of chemical experiments and surprises. Visitors can watch the show or explore Chemical melts fireworks.

** Address: ** Technical University, Faculty of Chemistry, Purkyňova 464/118, Brno

** Path: ** Tram – Line 12 and 13 to Červinkova stop, then walk. From Červinkova stop, or other line 53 to stop Business, then walk. Line No. 1 respectively. 71 to stop Hudcova respectively. Medlánky – depot, then walk.


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