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How to teach after twenty years Added:3.12. 2007
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How to teach after twenty years

Thinking that you signed up for „peďák“? After the experiences of beginning teachers can get acquainted with the views of her more experienced colleague. Mrs. Blanka Králíková teaches twentieth already eight years and Czech citizenship. She told us about the joys and pitfalls of the profession, about what your school does not prepare as well as an interval of years, satisfied with their profession.

** Why did you decide to become a teacher? ** Did I do something for people to help in some way. I did not feel it, become a doctor, I felt too responsible. The teacher seemed like an acceptable way. If I had to, to be a teacher, I would maybe shop assistant, because she works with people.

** The position of a new teacher is not easy. How do you remember its beginnings? ** Sometimes I felt that my students „eat“. For this reason, I was probably, like most teachers, more stringent than now. My beginnings, however, may be simpler than that of teachers today. Moreover, in practice I found that higher education theory and actual practice is quite different.

** What is the difference? ** The faculty taught us above all the theory – the expertise of individual subjects, but we have not learned many practical things. We have not learned how to handle substance to discuss when we drop off hours, when the class has to deal with a number of paperwork. I was well prepared for the fact that the modern methods we are taught at the faculty, which correspond to those of today, will be in conflict with the ideas of contemporary directors.

** How did you experience after years of happy with your job? ** Sometimes I feel it would be better still, quiet office, where I did not have to reeducate anyone, and would probably take the same pay with less education. I did not argue with my parents, I would not have to worry about the little things are what stops the school inspectorate. Otherwise I love my work because it is varied. There are many nice, friendly, raised children, as well as a nice, friendly parents (some of them are even my former students). In addition, I can do in the classroom in some way to experiment. A little bothers me, however, that in many places they want to only those experiments, not the classic teaching that is also needed. In the experiment can občance, spelling not learn through experimentation.

** At present, most agree that children should not be přesycovány information. As you look at it you? ** I agree that we should not be a walker encyclopedias. Despite all the condemnation of redundant information, but we still have to teach children the knowledge to apply only to exceptional individuals. On the other hand, with a book or a computer can not work without could read and write, and put into context the information already obtained. In just a certain amount of knowledge we need. Despite the fact that reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as the foundations of physics or chemistry, I think the basic knowledge necessary for practical life.

** What is the ideal teacher in terms of pupil? ** Currently I have a class full of students ideal. These are children who want to know. If you meet this, it does not matter whether angry or not.

** What you will be happy at work? ** The fact that I work with children. The possibility of inventing new things. Makes me happy, when a weak student, calmly and after three fruitless years of teaching, proclaims, „Yeah, I understand“. Of course I enjoy the children's achi­evements in competitions.

** What are the career options? ** Regarding the career I think that I became deputy director, director or inspector. But I chose this profession to teach. And it would if such a procedure could not. As for the other self, and that possibility is there. Of course, limited finances, all training is expensive. He also plays the role of school management approach. I have in this respect I can not complain – the school, where I teach, is interested in us to further education, and enables us.

** How does this education? ** The teacher can usually find a course about who would be interested, and which relates to his profession. Course it may also suggest lines, provided that an educated person needs in a specific field. You can choose from the menu center, which integrates this training, but also offers us come from different organizations, which tend to have accreditation of the Ministry of Education. After selecting requests for approval of teacher leadership, log into the course (paid by the school). Private courses in their spare time, such as language, of course I pay myself.

** Is there anything in front of what you experienced from the perspective of teachers warned students who are directed to the teaching faculty? ** It is increasingly problematic pupils. I mean behavioral problems, learning disabilities. Worse off by working with parents. They are often too busy working than to have time with their children. Someone can stand in the excessive paperwork, which even today makes up half of the teaching work.

** Currently, many graduates of faculties of education applies in other professions. How does it look for your studies? What do you think? ** In my youth, of course, there were people who have not entered into education, although studied teaching faculty, but not so many as today. Today's young people are not surprised, because I myself feel that the amount of work that I will turn, I was a firm better rewarded than in education.

** So what could actually motivate today's graduates to become teachers? ** This could motivate them to work with children. It forces a man to be kept mentally fresh. Additionally, if you want to be a good teacher, the profession is associated with lifelong learning and improvement are. I would however add that this work should go only one who realizes all of these drawbacks and truly wants to devote to children.

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