COMPARISON OF COURSES: Philology - Czech language - II. part Added:7.12. 2007
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COMPARISON OF COURSES: Philology - Czech language - II. part

In previous work we have presented philology at MU and CU. If you're studying Czech philology, so good, you can choose from offerings of other universities. We bring you a comparison. (Article was updated on 3rd-12th 2009 LC)

  • ** ** University of Ostrava

** Where ** Faculty of Arts, True 5, Ostrava

** Course characteristics: ** Department of Czech language at the University of Ostrava provides tuition in basic disciplines of linguistics, historical grammar, general linguistics and a number of compulsory and optional competitions disciplines. The three-year bachelor (single-subject or two-field) focuses on the morphology, lexicology and syntax, the history of Czech literature of the 19th and 20 century. A specific study is an extension of Slavic languages ​​and preparation for comparative studies.

Entrance Exams ** ** The University divides the conditions of entrance examinations, depending on whether the student is applying for two-field or single-subject study. The single-subject study of the admission examination is a written knowledge test of language knowledge and practical linguistic analysis at the graduate school. The test takes the form of multiple-choice test solution (a, b, c, d, …) or. with the addition of a short answer to the question of the role. Reflection followed by written work and knowledge of Czech literature and reflective form of test questions. The two-field study of applicants do not make an entrance examination in Czech language and literature, but are judged according to results of study in high school. Converting the average marks obtained in the Czech language and literature (end of 1st, 2nd, 3rd year, 4th semester) is detailed in the „Web site field“: ? category = 34493 & id = 342nd

** Items ** Phonetics and Phonology, Linguistics, Morphology, Lexicology, Fundamentals of Slavic Studies, Stylistics. In addition to these compulsory subjects, students may choose from elective courses offered, such as the proper course of writing and speaking, vocabulary Specifics in journalism, the history behind the words, and more.

** Web: ** „“:

  • ** Technical University of Liberec **

** Where ** Faculty of Education, Technical University of Liberec, Hálkova 6, 461 17 Liberec

** Course characteristics: ** The bachelor program Czech language and literature is to develop students' knowledge in both the linguistic and literary field. Students should understand the basics of Czech language. The basic knowledge of philology bohemistické then follow the application range of courses that develop students' skills in areas practically usable.

** Graduates ** Graduates can apply in cultural, educational and training institutions, government, media etc. as proofreaders.

** Entrance Exams ** Applicants for undergraduate study are recruited in turn created based on the average benefit from the high school (must show a certificate of secondary education or certified by a notary document) to field capacity (only mark on the annual report of the last four years of high school; If there is no middle school at the time of filing closed, counted from last year's semi-annual report). Are automatically admitted applicants who have achieved an overall average in high school, or to 1.50, including those in the general study of the test assumptions (OSP) held in the National Comparative Test (NSZ) of SCIO in 2009/10 to achieve at least the 55th percentile.

** Items ** Introduction to Linguistic Bohemistic and Slavonic, Czech literature, literature for children and youth, regional literature, theory of practice of the Czech spelling, philosophy and ethics, culture of speech, syntax, and the development of the Czech language.

** ** The basic statistical information (for the academic year 2009/2010):

of candidates: 141 Adopted by the free admission: 6 Adopted by 120

** Web: ** „“:

  • ** UNIVEZITA Palacky **

** Where ** Faculty of Arts, Department bohemistics, Krizkovskeho 10, Olomouc

** Course characteristics: ** Bachelor's three-year study conducted in Czech philology, linguistics and literary field. The greatest emphasis is placed on understanding the current state of the Czech language, its trends, and the approaches and methods of linguistic research. In the literary field is a significant part of training devoted to theoretical disciplines. In connection with the needs of current practice in the program of study and remembered the basics of editing techniques, and publishing processes. The program includes a compulsory study of one Slavic language, the foundations of the study Latin and neslovanského world language.

** Graduates ** Graduates can apply in the media sector, libraries, cultural facilities of various types and in administration.

Entrance Exams ** ** The evaluation of the OSP test set scores are as follows: Section verbal – 50%, analytical section – 40%, Quantitative Section – 10%.

** Items ** Introduction to Linguistic Bohemistic and Slavonic, Czech Literature, Literature Czech spelling, philosophy and ethics, culture of speech, syntax, development of the Czech language.

** ** The basic statistical information (for the academic year 2009/2010):

of candidates: 114 Adopted on 55 Expected number of accepted for the academic year 2010/2011: 20

** Web: ** „“:

  • ** Accessible CZECH Bc **

** Where ** Faculty of Arts University of South Bohemia, at the Mill gutter 35, Czech Republic

** Course characteristics: ** Student of Bohemistika (two-field and single-subject study) should acquire knowledge of basic relations and problems of the Czech language, he should learn how to understand literary texts and interpret them. In the field of Czech language should handle the grammatical, lexical and orthographic system language so as to enable the development of communication skills.

** Graduates ** Knowledge and skills in the field of Czech language and literature can be applied to cultural institutions, media and employees in positions dealing with public relations.

** Entrance Exams ** Applicants will be admitted without entrance examinations, if the overall average grade (only report at the end of classes) in the 1 – 3 year of high school reaches a maximum of 1.5 and an average mark of the Czech language and literature 1,00. Applicants for undergraduate studies in these fields who meet conditions for admission without entrance test will be selected on the basis of comparative results of national tests, which applicants must pass a test at least once a general study assumptions.

** Items ** Philosophy of history and education, Phonetics and Phonology, Introduction to work in the media, Fundamentals of folklore, contemporary Czech grammar.

** ** The basic statistical information (for the academic year 2009/2010):

of candidates: 101 the next 67 Expected number of accepted applicants for the year 2010/2011 (for single-and double-subject study): 30

** Web: ** „“:…artments/ub/

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