Teachers Strike Added:4.12. 2007
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Teachers Strike

„What is education, so is the nation,“ proclaimed a banner at Tuesday's demon­stration teachers. Around four hundred school leaders are gathered at 13:00 in the center of the square Maltézské that disagrees with the Ministry of Finance. Employees in schools while demanding more money for salaries, for school supplies, textbooks. The action followed the strike, which involved the almost 128,000 workers of kindergartens, primary and secondary schools – it is therefore the largest protest in history education.

Newly appointed Education Minister Ondrej Liska appeared before the teachers with a short speech in which he promised that he will address the issues raised. At the same time but suggested that for the upcoming year 2008 was clearly more money for education not obtained. Injection of funds into the budget, so teachers can be expected only in 2009.

Activities to support the striking teachers and students began to develop faculties of Technical University in Liberec. They want to use handouts, his mouth and speaking with teachers about their profession by the public to acquaint the public with the responsibilities of teachers and their working conditions. The data that the public gets much of its value in the media as biased. In addition to the current warning status using the tables of Education, research and other credible reports, the audience tries to find out how current teachers and the public education system is perceived. Also want to inquire about the status of school facilities and the degree of compliance with FEP. The processed information along with a petition that sends the selected institution, senators and Ministry of Education.

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