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Experience in Istanbul was a great experience, says Martin from MU Added:5.12. 2007
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Experience in Istanbul was a great experience, says Martin from MU

For journalism students at the University is required three months of practice. Then, students can communicate in various Czech and foreign media. Just practice opportunities in a foreign country used Dočkalová Martin, who left for the summer month internship in Istanbul. About their experiences to share in our interview.

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** How did you experience in the Turkish newspaper arranged? ** I registered in the Forum of European Journalism Students. In one of the newsletters came also offer summer internships in the largest Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. Long been interested in this field, so I said why not. I sent CV Istanbul University, Bilge, and these newspapers, and these two institutions together I then selected.

** In what practice has been? ** I tried a different editorial departments, somewhere I had more challenges, less elsewhere. Finally, I published an article about babyboxech, because for them it was something totally unknown. Another article that I came out, was about pigs as pets, which for Muslims is also very strange. The third article was an interview with a chiropractor. The problem was that for Hürriyet all articles had to translate into Turkish. Fortunately, in the same building and housed the English-language newspaper Turkish Daily News, for which I could also work. Most colleagues also spoke English.

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** It was for you to stay in Istanbul with something beneficial? ** Yes. I'm so enriched by the professional and personal site. I took a picture of the Turkish media scene, I tried, how it works in the local newsroom. I was quite intrigued that, although their newspapers at a glance rather tabloid, the front page with nahotinami one finds to be reliable and high quality economic analysis. Interestingly, the majority of Turkish media owned by one person, which to some extent limits their independence. Another difference is that under each article is a photo of the author and Turkish journalists are major celebrities. At the entrance to the editor are therefore even installed metal detectors. I also very interesting that editors have their own driver. Much of the work is done over the phone, but if a journalist needs to go somewhere, take it just the driver. Journalists were transported to work extra special corporate coaches.

** How have you been staying? ** Along with four other journalism students, as there were with me at practice (from Greece, Italy, Austria and Croatia), we lived in a common room in university halls of residence. These tracks were quite luxurious, but rooms there were even eight people.

** Some students studying in Turkey, told me about quite a strict order on the tracks. How was it for you? ** Well, lights-out, although not, but maybe they can visit the college's only 12 o'clock in the afternoon till 21 at night. The fact that there are forbidden to mention alcohol (from Czech dormitory kuchyňkových entertainment is about to hit the devil). But we quite enjoyed the night life in the city – there is always something going on, concerts and so …

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** Confirmed with the prejudices of our people towards Turkey and Muslims tend to have? ** Quite the contrary. I left with conflicting expectations and even fear about what it will be. But people were very friendly and always willing to help me. I really can talk with them about everything. Quite surprised, as modern Turkey. Few of us need to know that they have minimum wages higher than ours. I was also surprised by the high quality of Turkish roads. In this respect, they can only envy. When should I compare Turkey to Romania or Bulgaria, I wonder, that with regard to their accession to the EU, nobody does, but degrading to Turkey.

** How have you addressed the issue of dress in some Muslim country? ** None for me a little bit different clothes bothered only the beginning, when I took to be a skirt and tank top, clinging to me hungry stares. But when a man dressed sensibly, no one took any notice. I certainly did not have to wrap something, wearing a headscarf and so on. Istanbul is a truly European city.

** What do you most like in Istanbul? ** Friendliness of people. As far as sights and Hippodrome and Blue Mosque.

Note Martin Studies at Masaryk University third year of journalism, along with international relations, as well as studying Greek at FF.

Photo: Martin Dočkalová

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