Admissions - percentage of students at each university Added:9.12. 2007
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Admissions - percentage of students at each university

Date of submission of applications to universities are slowly approaching. Which school to an empty box to write to their ability nepřecenili, nor underestimated? The following article will bring you a comprehensive overview of the number of students enrolled and reported for the year 2006/2007 in the Czech various colleges and universities.

The most popular subjects were placed artistic disciplines – visual arts, film, theater and music. The hinge is the law, medicine and pharmacy. Omit, however, can not be philosophy, architecture, design or economics, that the candidates are becoming popular.

„The success of candidates in the admission procedure.“: Http://­­um/uchazeci.pdf

Schools Private / Public Private schools offer a greater chance of acceptance – success is the number of candidates to 90 – 100%. However, exceptions are schools of art, which students seem more interested.

Technical Fields Applications are now open to technical schools. Although these fields often require taking admission, is not easy to keep them. For example, the College of Chemical Technology, leaving in the first two semesters and 60% of students.

Prague / Opava The decision is also important to consider whether you prefer komornějšímu environment, smaller class groups and individual approach or, conversely, prefer a rich cultural, sporting and artistic use, and you do not mind the anonymity of a larger number of students in lectures.


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