Graduates + best paid university courses Added:11.12. 2007
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Graduates + best paid university courses

How to keep graduates of colleges and universities in practice? After the students which fields in the labor market is the biggest rush? Who is making launch the career of the highest starting salary? Answers to those questions, see the following article.

The scale of demand is best placed graduates of the Faculty Management, the University of Economics in Prague, Film and Television Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts and the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. Likewise, former students acted as the pharmaceutical, medical, and educational faculties. In contrast, students of veterinary medicine, agronomní or agricultural faculty faced with higher unemployment.

For more information regarding the application of former university students will find at the following links: How to apply to university graduates ":…ni.pdf,"; The average unemployment rate of graduates of disciplines ": http: / / / list-High-School.

Highest grade level achieved in the early stages of his career computer scientists, managers, computer programmers, marketing professionals and lawyers. Similarly, employees can keep banking and insurance, and mechanical engineers. Assistants universities, teachers and doctors have a sense of a starting salary lower.

Table: „What are the salaries they can expect fresh graduates with a university degree?.“: Http://­­um/infografika_pla­tyabs.html


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