The Special Field: Applied Physics Added:15.12. 2007
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The Special Field: Applied Physics

Do you like physics and mathematics? We are programming and experimenting? The range of disciplines involved in applied physics is broad and should appeal to you, personally. In order to better orient the field, we have prepared the following article. Note: This article has been updated 23rd 12th 2009 (-K-)

** Where ** Faculty selection, which can be applied to study physics is quite rich. Choose from eight universities – „Charles University in Prague“:, „University of Palacky in Olomouc“:, „Masaryk University“: http : / /, „Silesian University in Opava“: „, VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava“: http://www.hgf . /, „West University“:, „University of Ostrava“: and „Technical University in Liberec“: http:// /

** ** Assumptions Who decided to study applied physics, must take the entrance exams, not only of physics itself, but also in mathematics, computing, and if some universities also study a test of general assumptions. All in written form, the oral will not find here.

** What is the scope of study? ** The study is usually based on physical-mathematical basis. This foundation is further developed in the fields of mathematics and physics, electronics, physics and instrumentation, computer technology and programming, control experiment, modern electronic and optical measuring methods of theoretical studies, etc. always complete preparation of practical, universities are equipped laboratories, often collaborate with institutions such as the Czech Meteorological Institute, and Institute of Physics Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Some universities offer studies of only one field of study (applied physics), and others give their students the opportunity to specialize in Process Physics, Physico-mathematical modeling, Physico-chemical modeling, biophysics, computer measurement and data presentation, and computer technology and its applications.

** Items ** Enumerating all the items are obviously not. In the study of applied physics, however, encounter many objects not only physical, but also mathematical, chemical or biological. In the catalog you can find items such as atomic and nuclear physics, physics microworld, Physical Chemistry, Further Mathematics, and Preparative separation methods, physiology, electricity and magnetism, measurement systems, applications, and optical communication. Many universities also offers the opportunity to enroll in courses, which lists the other faculties of the university. So if you find a catalog of other faculty in an interesting course, nothing you do not stand in the way you wrote it, and so he expanded his horizons.

** Application ** Graduates should not have a problem finding employment in companies that deal with weather activities, production and research, design or measuring equipment. Graduates acquire the necessary knowledge in the fields of mathematics and physics in electronics and instrumentation physics, computer science, the experimental technique and measurement methods. Understand the standard computer-controlled, systems in the laboratory will test the use of application software for the design and implementation of measurement instruments.

Sources: Websites of individual faculties

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