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Open Days - what are they good? Added:13.12. 2007
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Open Days - what are they good?

Most Czech schools organized for prospective students open days. What is their program? They still make sense in the Internet age? The door to the days of open doors opened the following lines.

It depends on the concept of open doors at each faculty – often with nedovíte anything other than what is available on the Internet. It is also true that in case of doubt you can always call the department to study or send them an e-mail. Yet there are many reasons why open days to attend.

The program is the school tour, meeting with teachers and possibly students, are available from a variety of printed materials including catalogs study (included is an overview of their subjects and the recommended study plan).

The great advantage of open days is to study the atmosphere of your possible future action of. For some, it is important that the school premises feels comfortable. If tuition at the same time, you can go look at some lectures. Furthermore, you should ask local students for their views on the level of studies at the faculty.

During discussions with the teachers know about what you can expect from the studio, and thanks to meddlesome questions of candidates rather avoid any mistakes when filling out applications or preparing for entrance exams.

Will you provide information about the offer preparatory courses for entrance examinations and recommended literature. Will explain the structure of the various fields of study. Can you clarify your vision of the graduates of the faculty and performance studies. (To that but instead rely – few would probably professor said that the study of the field is easy.)

Another advantage is that the admission process often takes place at the same location as the open day. When you přijímačkách So go for sure and save your nerves with finding the right building.

If you miss the open days, you can also go to the faculty on their own. But then we note that some areas are only accessible via a smart card, they do get there then. In addition, to prepare for the possibility of talks with several teachers at once. Some of the faculty, but offer the opportunity to view their buildings and outside the open days – just book in advance and will be taken care of you. It is rather an exceptional phenomenon.

For information about holding of open days are available on the website of the school and some of them also published on our site in the News section.

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