The Special Field: Politics Added:19.12. 2007
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The Special Field: Politics

Politics is another of the humanities, which is quite a big interest. Not everyone who is in her voice, but has a good idea of ​​what it actually waiting for job offers from which you can choose after graduation. To obtain this information, do not wait until the first lecture. Note: This article has been updated 10.12.2009. (-Pel-)

** What is the scope of study? ** During the study of political science should acquire knowledge of theory and functions of the political system of Czech and foreign. Learn more about the issue of electoral systems, political mediation, the issues of regional politics and political theories.

** Politics and International Relations ** At some universities in the Czech Republic's politics directly related to the study of international relations and speaks about the name field. Often, however, that although you will not know the name, is the study and placed in the broader framework of international politics. What is the relationship between these two disciplines? Lenka We asked which political science and international relations student at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University. „Politics puts emphasis on the analysis of political systems and their comparison. International relations are the concern topics such as international order, security, conflict between states, international law, world economy, etc. These courses are very connected to me, and I am glad that the FSS can study together. “

** Items ** For items that are directly related to politics itself, for example, to meet and compare political systems, political systems in the CR, political geography, theories of democracy, history of political thought, or Political Science theories. Items relating to international relations, each school chooses a different way.

** Application ** Also, the application depends on the degree of connection with international relations. An important prerequisite may also be a graduate language skills. After studying political science for example, you can take to the field of state administration or local government can operate in non-governmental organizations, service and consulting business, political science, the media sphere, in the apparatus of political parties even in the diplomatic service. The application can possibly be found in international companies or organizations or within the development and design agencies connected to the European Union.

** ** Where to study „Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Social Sciences': "Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Philosophy“: Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Social Studies „: "The University of Hradec Kralove, Faculty of Humanities': "The University of Jan Evangelista Usti nad Labem, Faculty of Philosophy“:… „Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Philosophy“: „Economics in Prague, Faculty of International Relations“: „University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Philosophy“:

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