The Special Field: Geology Added:21.12. 2007
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The Special Field: Geology

If you enjoyed studying geology, but do not know what particular branch under this present? What are the application of its graduates? Where can I study geology? Not only these questions will be answered in this article. Note: Article was updated on 2 12th 2009th (Bel)

Geology is one of the classical natural sciences, which today, along with geography, usually ranks below the Earth sciences. It stands on the edge of the other natural sciences and it deals with the study of processes occurring on our planet, examining rocks, minerals and Earth's history, as the cosmic body.

** Where? ** Geology can be studied in the natural sciences in the „Prague“:, „Brno“: and „University“ http:/ / VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava has its own „School of Mining and Geology“:, where it is possible to study engineering geology. It is aimed techničtěji than Natural geology and its graduates will find employment especially in construction for geotechnical exploration.

** Prerequisites for admission ** At secondary schools in the Czech Republic taught geology and geology of the test is not included in entrance exams. For those interested in studying is the basic scientific knowledge, especially in chemistry and geography. In Olomouc, the exam through a test in chemistry and in Brno of Study (TSP), in Prague, expect a test of General study skills. Tests on engineering geology in Ostrava consist of a test in mathematics.

** Items ** Students must master basic subjects – such as mineralogy, petrology, dynamic geology, paleontology, historical geology, regional geology, hydrogeology, etc.. They should also be able to process the measured and collected data to compile a geological map and use the most important laboratory research methods. Lists are also many optional courses, among other karsologie, glaciology and various field trips.

** Application ** Geology graduates will find their application mainly in institutions of geological research (for example the Czech Geological Survey), museums, government and nonprofit environmental organizations and government. They are able to conduct field mapping, search for mineral deposits and propose solutions to environmental problems.

Author: Pracný, Pavel

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