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Poll among high school graduates Added:23.12. 2007
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Poll among high school graduates

Jak se připravují na přijímačky na VŠ?

The latest date by which must submit applications to most colleges, is fast approaching – after all, until last February has left just over two months. Already, however, we addressed a number of graduates this year in Prague and asked whether and how the admission examination is currently under construction.

When school choice is important to find those resources that are not clear, but will help us to get all the required information. „I'm mostly looking for information on the Internet and also at our school, but most importantly for me, especially the experience of friends who have chosen to put my high school,“ says Christopher Grammar of the Scrotum J. Heyrovsky, who will report to the 2nd Faculty of Medicine.

Marek Smolka of the Zatlance High School, said: „Very useful information, advice and above all, I got in a pedagogical-psychological counseling, where we had the whole class had to do a test study assumptions. Mrs. psychologist gave us a copy of a lot of good advice. The rest of the knowledge I have from people who have chosen me attend college and I was with them in some way contacted. “

Also, Martin Lukes College of Business in Resslova street seem necessary information available: „I am looking for most information about studying at my site, for example, or Information about schools here seem to me clear, I can find statistics on various, applications, courses, etc. "Her sister Monica Lukes College of Business in Prague 1, added:“ I am considering buying as well as Teachers' newspaper. At school, I unfortunately have enough information about the university is missing, we offer a loan and more newspapers said not yet. "

Also, many graduates we interviewed agree that the information could be a little more accessible and transparent. For instance, in Veronica Hain Jan Palach Gymnasium, which will be reported to the Physical Education and Sport and Science, complains to form the school website, which you would like to report: "For someone who goes to the website first time, it is not very clear, I seem to be quite confused. "She and her classmate Louis Pastorák also lack sufficient information leaflets at their current school.

For most students are very important to the final decision open days at various universities. „In my opinion, but it is also useful to look at a lecture at the university,“ said Mary Gay Grammar of Jan Patocka.

Although the tests themselves, there is still about half a year, some seniors to begin preparing now. "I'm going to preparatory courses, but yet are not open. Also vypracovávám Scio tests, which I bought, and which make up the tests to Masaryk and Charles University. The Faculty of Humanities in the New Year will start loading the reading exam, but many of them have already read, because we have a list of books you read in high school, "Mary gives some tips.

Although most of our high school respondents living in Prague, which, as far as higher education, offering a wide range, is not afraid to bring your application into another city. "I plan to register and to Pilsen and Hradec Kralove. Departure from Prague I would not do the problem. I would not mind even the possibility of going abroad to study, but about which I know little while and you fear that it would be just too expensive. Therefore, I plan to go only half a year under the Erasmus program of study type, "sums up his plans of John Grammar Rajnišová Jan Patocka.

And what is their alternative plan in case the test did not work this happen? Martina Kucerova College of Business at the Kubelka is clear: "If you get to university, I'd try a re-training or follow-on course or language course. If this fails, I was looking for a job. "Often, this situation zažehnávají candidates and that he submitted applications to schools where, even without taking the entrance only mean good marks on report card, and for trying to test for their chosen school again. Many also allow for post-secondary learning and called the zero years, which are paid to preparatory courses for a particular school.

Author: Černá, Lucie

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