BUT received the Diploma Supplement Label Added:26.12. 2007
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BUT received the Diploma Supplement Label

University of Technology ranked among the five Czech universities that can boast the European Commission's „Diploma Supplement Label“. This award is granted through the organization of the Erasmus European universities, which are bound by the principles of the internationali­zation of European higher education in accordance with the principles of the Bologna Declaration.

Diploma Supplement, Czech Diploma Supplement is an internationally recognized document, which complements and clarifies information contained in the Higher Diploma. In the standard English-Czech version describes the nature, level, context, content and nature study programs, which led to the successful completion of university studies.

The Diploma Supplement provides a transparent and consistent recognition of academic and professional qualifications in European countries.

DS Label Certificate endorsed by the European Commission, the University of Technology are all graduates of bachelor and master degree programs free of charge, published a detailed supplement to the diploma meet strict European criteria.

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