New Study in Opava: Spa and Tourism Added:29.12. 2007
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New Study in Opava: Spa and Tourism

Philosophy and Science Silesian University in Opava will open a new branch of spa services and tourism. If you are attracted to this field of study, we offer you more detailed information.

Spa facilities, travel agencies, promotional and advertising agencies. There and at other locations will find the graduates of the new Bachelor of the spa and tourism, which in the next academic year opens Philosophy and Science in Opava.

„The aim of the study is to provide graduates with the skills of professionals and managers for the service across its entire range of tourism industry,“ she said vice-dean for academic affairs and Irene Korbelářová organization.

Students should acquire during their studies of general knowledge and skills in various technical and economic disciplines, will also be an essential part of language skills. „Graduates will be prepared to provide services to both domestic, as well as foreign clients,“ explained vice-dean.

While the former was on staff in the service sector, emphasis on professional training, the current manager is expected to teamwork, flexibility and ability to positively influence colleagues. All of the successful graduates after three years of undergraduate study were manageable. "Their application will be really wide. From work in spas and similar establishments, travel agencies beginning, through the work of transport companies, advertising and promotional agencies, for employment in the state and local government regional development, "said Irene Korbelářová.

The full-time study in the next academic year, faculty plans to take eighty students. Admission will be made in writing. For more information watch the website of the faculty.


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