Competition for the trip to Strasbourg - last chance! Added:31.12. 2007
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Competition for the trip to Strasbourg - last chance!

By 10 January is possible to participate in the competition for an excursion to Strasbourg, which is designed for high school aged 16 to 18 years. Simply register on the „“: and respond to the ten quiz questions.

The program allows Euroscola Parliament annually thousands of young people from all 27 Member States of the European Union to visit the seat of Parliament and learn about its role and activities. Students here are able to experience firsthand the work of MEPs in the day program with their peers from other countries to confront the views on current affairs in the EU or share common positions. Language skills of participants is a prerequisite for participation in Euroscola. Among other prizes to be won in the competition include Pocket PC or MP3 player.

Travelling to Strasbourg to take place on 22 February and 7 March 2008. Coordination Programme in the Republic Euroscola provides the European Parliament Information Office in the country.


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