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Poll: How do today's college students preparing for graduation? Added:1.1. 2008
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Poll: How do today's college students preparing for graduation?

New year here, and graduation is a little closer. Maybe you've already started preparing for it, maybe leaving it at the last minute. Council experienced but fits all. In our survey so we can study how to prepare today's college graduation.

We asked:

  1. How did you prepare for graduation / and?
  2. What advice would you / and this maturantům?

1st ** Anette Šimonková, Technical University, Prague **

  1. The questions we have parted with their classmates and each developed a specific part. In addition, we repeated the teacher.
  2. If you want to divide among themselves the question whether the folds of a group of reliable people that it did some, and the rest is just drove. Once established, the question then still be checked by teachers. (It is always a time :-)).

2nd ** Judith Holešinská, University of Jan Evangelista, Mnichovo Hradiste **

  1. I learned under scraps of workbooks. Moreover, we have the fourth year to graduation, all repeated with professors, and so have most of what I needed to know, I had written in books from the fourth grade.
  2. I would advise them to get what they teach, write and somehow pegged to the head. But that did not rely much on luck and the last minute.

3. ** Paul Novotny, Literary Academy, Prague **

  1. The Rings, I got the most overachieving classmates, then I probably fell for three days on the mountain, where I was all alone and worked hard, I learned there. It was enough!
  2. The peace! Similarly, it will be okay.

4th ** Martin Kadlecová, VSB-Technical University, Krnov **

  1. I learned from a workbook from the studio – it was in the first half. I worked on it myself. The math I learned under Odmaturuj mathematics. The circuits were well established under it. Podtrhala I have a theory and then the teacher borrowed the book examples. And in the second half I continued learning :-).
  2. I would advise nestrestovat much, because I think that the graduation too pressing. And rather you take that year, but again, do not underestimate it. Someone just svaťák, but each would have to think about how much time needs to learn.

5th ** John Bošotová, Private Joseph College Skvorecký Prague **

  1. Leaving the question we draw up with friends from other schools. We have helped if someone had something, like the other one helped him. We have great class.
  2. I would advise them to definitely do not leave it for the last week – svaťák because this week I barely managed to questions I just read, let alone learn. And I'd advise it that any question can of something, and not one another perfectly, and all.

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