The Special Field: Geodesy and Cartography Added:3.1. 2008
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The Special Field: Geodesy and Cartography

Cadastral Office, Surveying … what equips you for speaking the word „surveying“? Geodesy and Cartography is a program that offers courses applicants Geoinformatics, Surveying Engineering and Mining Surveying. What is the content of individual fields, or as graduates apply in practice, see the following article. Note: Article was updated on 23rd 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

** ** Geodesy and Cartography

** Subject: ** Geodesy, mathematics, physics and descriptive geometry – these subjects form the theoretical basis of a bachelor's degree field of geodesy and cartography. Based on his professional focus to students below the compulsory elective and optional subjects can deepen their knowledge in the field of cartography, mapping and remote sensing. The studies are also teaching in the field.

** Application: ** Graduates of the bachelor program of Geodesy and Cartography is applied in practice, cadastral, surveying, specifically in employment, which is associated with the acquisition of digital geometric plans, land consolidation in agriculture and forestry or surveying works in construction. Studies master's program to increase student awareness of economics, management and informatics, which will be able to perform even the most demanding job in engineering geodesy or surveying work in the construction and maintenance of geodetic bases.

Undergraduate courses **: **

  • ** **- Mine Mine Surveying Surveying is focused on monitoring the movements and deformation of terrain and objects. Students in the course of study will meet with both geodesy and physics, which form the theoretical basis for the field, so with articles and petralogie mineralogy, mining, mine mapping or teaching in the field. Graduate be applied especially in the mining unions and the exercise of surveying activities.

Geoinformatics * ** ** – compared to the field of study Geodesy and Cartography, Geoinformatics puts more emphasis on computer science subject area (information systems, land registry, programming). The study is also complemented by social sciences (eg psychology and sociology, psychology and team manager's job) to help graduates of Geoinformatics in managerial practice.

  • ** ** Surveying Engineering – Photogrammetry, GIS, surveying the legislation, but also matemaika, physics and other subjects of engineering geodesy, after whose completion can perform surveying work or work in the mining organizations.

** Master's courses: **

  • Geodesy and Cartography
  • Geoinformatics
  • Mine Surveying
  • Engineering Surveying
  • Mobile geoinformation technology

** Where to study: ** „Czech Technical University in Prague“:…

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering (Geodesy and Cartography, Geoinformatics)

„University of Technology“:…

  • Faculty of Civil Engineering (Geodesy and Cartography)


  • Mining and Geological Science (Mine Surveying, Geoinformatics, Surveying Engineering, Mobile Geoinformation Technologies)

** Admission: ** Applicants for admission to the VUT in Brno and CTU will take professional exams, which consist of two parts – a test of math and physics test. The University of Mining during the admission procedure and evaluate the results of studies in high school. The following general knowledge test, in which the student must demonstrate a basic knowledge of mining and geological sciences. More detailed information regarding the date of application and admission procedures can be found on each page universities.

Sources: Websites of individual faculties.

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