Tomas Bata University is expanding in Prostejov Added:5.1. 2008
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Tomas Bata University is expanding in Prostejov

In December 2007, the Rector of Tomas Bata University (TBU), Ignatius John Prostejov and Mayor John Carpenter agreed to establish a detached TBU in Prostejov. It originates in the former elementary school on Hus Square.

"Signing this agreement means that from September 2008 opens at UTB undergraduate studies Prostejov area falling under the Faculty of Technology. It is a logistics and management degree program in Economics and Management, "said Professor Ignac Hoza.

UTB offers a degree in economics, humanities, science, technical and artistic direction of the five faculties. Currently, it has more than 11 000 listeners. The aim is to provide leadership TBU higher education not only at but also in other cities nearby. Some bachelor's degree courses and now can be studied in Vsetín in Uherske Hradiste in Kromeriz in Prerov and Brno.

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