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Which college to choose the Slovak Republic? Added:5.1. 2008
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Which college to choose the Slovak Republic?

Among the Czech and Slovak Republic are still valid mutual agreement on recognition of university degrees and unpaid fees. If you study at Slovak lures, you may decide to help evaluation of Slovak universities ARRA group, we offer you today.

Rankings for 2007 is not yet complete, but there are results from 2006, which also comes from this article. The evaluation reflected not only the satisfaction of students and academics with their faculty, but also the number of publications, citations of these publications in other media, the number of learners and the students Ph.D. program and grants.

The group „AGRO“ was the best university of veterinary medicine with 81.1 points out of possible 100th In second place was Faculty of Biotechnology and Food of the Slovak Agricultural University, the third of Forestry Science from the Technical University in Zvolen.

The group „HUM“ is the best placed of Arts Faculty of the Comenius University (51 points out of 100). Second, the Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences University of Prešov. In third place was the University of Theology University of Trnava.

The group of schools involved in medicine came out with the highest score (69.2) Jessenius Faculty of Comenius University. The same university can be proud of second place thanks to its Faculty of Pharmacy. Third placed Faculty of Health and Social Work, Trnava University.

The natural science-oriented faculty was rated the best Faculty of Metaphysics, Physics and Informatics Comenius University (80.5 points). The second was the same Faculty of the University. The third ranked University of Science PJ Safarik.

Within a group of „Together“ won first prize of International Relations Faculty of Economics University (58.8 points). Second, the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, Comenius University, Third Faculty of then University of Trnava.

The best measured technically became a faculty Faculty of Chemical and Food Technology Slovak University of Technology (84.1 points). The same university also ranked second with its Faculty of Electrical Engineering. Third placed Faculty of Engineering University of Žilina.

Outside your home for around 60% of students surveyed, 43% live in dormitories, 17% of private apartments. Only 17% of students do not earn your own. The average student comes out a month with less than 5000 crowns, only about 10% of students have available an amount in excess of 10,000 crowns.

The complete report is available „here on.“: Http://www.arra­.sk/index.php?mo­dule=pagemaster&PA­GE_user_op=vi­ew_page&PAGE_id=3&MMN_­position=2:2

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