CTU has opened a newly renovated facility Added:8.1. 2008
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CTU has opened a newly renovated facility

Glass entrance, gatehouse, turnstile – nearly a month, visitors to the Technical University in Prague Charles Square, passing the main entrance plaza renovated building A. Inauguration of renovated space, which took place in December 2007, introduced the newly renovated hall of the Institute of Materials Engineering Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering, and Computer Lab historic auditorium of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, which has managed to combine the latest audiovisual technology with original decorative and architectural elements. Lecture, dating back to 1905, will operate both as a classroom, as well as room for special meetings and scientific conferences. They can be monitored via the Internet worldwide.

[* * Http://www.vy­sokeskoly.cz/sys­tem/data/2094/CVUT­.jpg] Has also meant new offices, training and conference spaces that serve as new facilities for the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. For transportation to the space visitors can use the glass elevator offering panoramic view of Prague.

For more information, see the „CTU“: http://www.cvut.cz.

Photo: www.cvut.cz

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