The Special Branch: Less well-known variants of Physics Added:9.1. 2008
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The Special Branch: Less well-known variants of Physics

You added the names of astrophysics, biophysics, medical physics, instrumentation physics or chemical physics like Chinese? Or is it just your dream business? Here is a list of faculties, where you can study these fields and help, what lies under their names. Note: This article has been updated 23rd 12th 2009 (-K-)

** Where ** These courses can be found under curricula Physics, Applied Physics. They include the study of natural science faculties catalogs „of Masaryk University in Brno“:, „University of Palacky in Olomouc“: (astrophysics, medical physics, biophysics, instrumentation physics) and „Philosophy and Science“: Silesian University in Opava (astrophysics). Studying physics in the less common forms, offers a „Department of Physics and Biophysics“: University of South Bohemia in the Czech Budejovice „Astronomical Institute“: / Charles University. University has, however, compared to other universities with one exception – students studying undergraduate field of classical physics and general after completion of a three-year bachelor's degree may choose from specializations offered. However, if a student wants to pursue Master's degrees from Charles University, may have articles already written a master's degree in undergraduate studies.

** Entrance Exams ** The entrance examination is a good preparation in mathematics and physics. The written test will try to check your knowledge in these subjects at the grammar school curriculum. Do not forget the entrance exam to the fields that you want to combine the study. Most of these subjects, although no combination, however, find the opportunity to combine learning with information technology. In the case of the Masaryk University in Brno test preparation study assumptions.

Studio ** Features ** Astrophysics: Undergraduate full-time study offers students an insight into the mysterious world of stars and outer space. Students will find the physical laws of stellar processes and will learn how easy and understandable to the public to imagine going on a starry sky.

Medical Physics, Instrumentation Physics: Undergraduate full-time study aims to educate future physicians assistants, without whom the doctors could not avoid. It is based on understanding the function of medical apparatus daily practice, their maintenance and presentation of data, that the equipment issue. The subject of the research is not physics or mathematics, but also the study of information technology.

Biophysics: Border discipline involving the study of physics, biology and chemistry, which provides insight into the physical processes in living cells. The full-time undergraduate degree is completion of basic chemical, biochemical and biological disciplines needed to build substantive ties between the general biophysical and physical education.

Chemical Physics: The Master's degree course at Charles University, which articles are accessible to students with bachelor's degree. The core area lies at the interface of physics, biology and chemistry. Education builds on the basic physical education, which deepens in the areas of theoretical and experimental physics important to describe and study molecules, biopolymers, supramolecular systems and biological objects, and is required covering the following subjects selected topics in chemistry and biology. According to the selection of curriculum students also receive training in selected areas of general and physical chemistry, biochemistry, molecular and cell biology.

** Items ** Students are offered a wide variety of subjects. In astrophysics, the student will certainly meet with subjects such as Introduction to Quantum Theory, Introduction to Astronomy and Astrophysics, Methods of physical measurements, galactic and extragalactic astronomy, theory of general relativity and cosmology. In other forms of physics courses to meet General Chemistry, Magnetic Resonance, Biophysics, Bioorganic Chemistry, Biophysics of Photosynthesis, X-ray structure analysis, molecular spectroscopy, molecular symmetry, mathematics, computer technology.

** Application ** Astrophysics: The student can use in laboratory operations, specialized laboratories, meteorological institutions, etc. It has an overview of the current state of research in fundamental areas of understanding the universe. His knowledge of the predetermine him as a demonstrator and a skilled communicator of the observatories and also for research using astronomical observations and astronomical data processing.

Medical Physics, Instrumentation Physics: Students will learn the use of diagnostic and therapeutic methods, such as memoir, X-ray, tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, lithotripsy, etc. Specialized ideal focus for graduate work in health, particularly for diagnostic and therapeutic departments using medical instrumentation. Apply when operating equipment and maintenance, processing and interpretation of data for medical purposes, when planning radiological treatment, etc.

Biophysics: Study is primarily directed to continue their studies at the master's business. Graduates of the bachelor course, it can be applied in the laboratory operations of companies, biochemical and biological laboratories and medical laboratories. Graduates of this degree is a physicist with advanced education degrees in biology and chemistry. It is thoroughly equipped with the knowledge of mathematics, experimental and theoretical physics, electronics, instrumentation and computer technology. Graduates will find employment in the biological, chemical and medical facilities where they can utilize and implement physical methods.

Chemical Physics: The graduate has a broad experimental and theoretical knowledge of the foundations of physics (mechanics, electricity and magnetism, optics, condensed matter physics, nuclear physics, quantum physics) and mathematics (differential and integral calculus, algebra, methods of mathematical physics, etc.). With its focus is a graduate ready to work in the workplace focusing on physics, biophysics, chemical physics, physics in medicine, pharmacy and environmental protection.

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