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What about foreign languages ​​at university? Added:7.1. 2008
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What about foreign languages ​​at university?

Many high school foreign languages ​​considered a necessary evil, and their teaching as „squeeze“. They argue that after graduation, it's just not needed. What is that?

Experience shows, foreign languages ​​are now an integral part of studies on nearly all high schools. Students must demonstrate at least basic knowledge of one foreign language, usually English.

What are the objectives and reasons? In principle, very simple – if a student masters a foreign language, it opens up many new sources of information. For example, in English on the Internet can find a wide variety of fresh evidence, which one would get unequipped language is difficult. Also, school and research libraries are equipped with foreign literature, which is usually more current than the Czech. We can say that it is' how many languages ​​you know, the more you are a student. "

We can not forget the possibility of studying abroad. If you handle a foreign language, I can safely log on to study abroad. You get so much knowledge, friends and most valuable experience of living in a foreign environment.

Universities in the Czech Republic, the teaching of languages ​​do not care too much. Or, more precisely worded, provide only a narrow education – mostly in the field, students will use the field. Physicians will learn the names of body parts, foresters can identify plants and computer science computer components. Non-academic communication, however, most neprocvičuje. Students must, therefore, often according to their language level, language requirements and the school's own ambitions, to attend a variety of language schools – but those issues are usually the cheapest.

I asked some current students, what is their experience. ** 1 What emphasis is to put your high school knowledge of languages ​​are taught and how? 2nd Was your high school preparation adequate? **

** Peter J., Faculty of Science, Masaryk University, Brno ** 1st The emphasis on knowledge of the language puts very strong. We put to the test in English. Other languages ​​are not present in our computer scientists. 2nd In high school I had good training, quite enough for me.

** Luke P., Faculty of Electrical Engineering Technical University of Ostrava, Opava ** 1st At our school places great emphasis on foreign language skills. Their curriculum is focused on both the normal conversation and the conversation professional. Moreover, in many foreign languages ​​and study materials. 2nd I was pretty well prepared, plus we have the same grammar as a moderate, but some of my classmates from Industrial struggle enough with English.

We can say that underestimate language training in high school does not pay, because language learning can only be obtained after graduation.

Author: Pracný, Pavel

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