The Special Field: Humanities Added:8.10. 2013
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The Special Field: Humanities

The Faculty of Humanities, students often report, for which the physics and chemistry remain eternal taboo, or those who can not decide, and then choose „generic“ way. What we actually require study of the humanities faculties? (Article was updated 23rd 11th 2009)

=== About the studio

School of Humanities may be particularly clear-cut candidate for the less attractive in that they offer the opportunity to position itself in the field and during the study. Students can decide whether it will instead focus on obtaining more general knowledge to be better prepared for entry into practice, or to opt for narrower specialization in the chosen field of study that will deepen the cycle master. Humanities faculties offer a wide selection of training courses whose contents are usually the subjects of philosophy, ethics, aesthetics, politics, history, economics or social sciences and a variety of language and creative courses.

Profile === and graduate

Humanities provide a thorough orientation in the social, political and cultural issues of modern society, students also gain a good ability to communicate verbally and in writing at least one world language. The indisputable advantage of this broad base of knowledge acquired is the ability to succeed in the labor market in more than one specialized field, for example, graduates may apply in different educational and training institutions, media, diplomacy, non-profit organizations or policy.

=== Where to study


University offers bachelor's single cycle of study – „Study of Liberal Arts and Humanities“:, in the combined full-time. Individual courses are divided into two areas: theoretical, which aims to prepare them for further studies in a related master's programs at FHS and application, which enables students to receive ceftifikáty, it can facilitate labor market. The entrance examination consists of written test, the contents of the translation of scientific text from a selected foreign language (English, French or German), and additional questions to this text, for ascertaining whether the applicant understood the text correctly. In follow-up master's programs you can choose among programs in Media and Communication Studies, Humanities, Social Policy and Social Work, and Ecology and Environmental Protection. They all also offer more narrowly focused disciplines.

** The views of students ** ** Eric S., 2nd Vol. ** At this school, I like the flexibility – I have largely study what interested me. On my taste, but maybe there is too much philosophy. Another small downside is the confusion of school and learning.

** Misha D., 2 Vol. ** I like that after graduating from this school one gain knowledge in various fields, able to read challenging texts, and preparing it, he can explain things all come clear, but when they define do not know how to do it. On the other hand bothers me that the end is not actually graduate specialist in a particular field, so that means the economy while, but it is not an economist, knows in philosophy, but not a philosopher, etc.

** CHARLES UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE – Hussite Theological Faculty ** ** Web: ** „“: # 13

Humanities at the University offers Charles a Hussite Theological Faculty. Under the same name, the program offers two dvouobory, and Judaic Studies – Philosophy and Jewish Studies – Religions. Entrance Exams Vori knowledge test (general knowledge, historical and religious issues) and the oral interview, focusing on the motivation to study the chosen field. More information can be found ‚here‘: # 17

** Palacky University in Olomouc – Faculty of Theology of St. Cyril and Methodius ** ** Web: ** „ / faculty / CMTF“:

Bachelor's degree, while humanities study falls under the theological faculty of St. Cyril and Methodius. It focuses in particular on issues of Christian philosophy as the discipline of history and humanities thinking. The entrance examination consists of a written test on the philosophy of Czech and world history and general knowledge of candidate (based on recommended literature), and subsequent motivational interviewing candidates who are successful in the written test. More information about the field, see „here“:…dijni-obory/?… 5BshowUid%% 5D = 501 & cHash = 7d38a41cd9.

** The University of – Faculty of Humanities ** ** Web: ** " / FHS ':

Local Faculty of Humanities is part of a restructuring throughout the University renamed the Faculty of Philosophy. In the Bachelor cycle, students can choose courses from Political Science, History of Science, Technical Support Humanities, Philosophy and Sociology. Candidates are depending on the selected program of study recruited either from the results of international comparative tests (NSZ), or After passing the written test, respectively. subsequent interview. Detailed information on individual subjects and conditions of admission can be found „here“:

** Tomas Bata University in Zlín – Faculty of Humanities ** ** Web: ** „“:

The University offers in the Faculty of Humanities relatively broad steps undergraduate programs: Specialization in Pedagogy, Midwifery, Nursing and Philology, which then falls to the more focused study. Applicants for undergraduate studies are admitted on the basis of results in the NSZ. In the master cycle can be studied Pedagogy and Program Specialization in Pedagogy. More information about all fields of study can be found „here“:….

** University of Pardubice – Faculty of Arts ** ** Web: ** " / ff ':…studium.html

University of Pardubice, Faculty of Arts Humanities offers a program in which you can enroll in one of two categories: Humanities and community studies. The entrance examination consists of two tests, namely the general knowledge of a set of social sciences, study and test assumptions (ways of thinking and reasoning, logic, etc.). For more information, see „here“:…rogramy.html.

** Technical University of Liberec – FACULTY OF NATURAL SCIENCE AND THE HUMANITIES-EDUCATION ** ** Web: ** „“:

The Technical University study found focusing on the humanities program specialization in education, or the dvouoborového study in combination with other fields. Entrance exams will vary depending on the selected field or a combination thereof. For more „here“:…imaci-rizeni.

** Accessible CZECH Bc – ** Faculty of Theology ** Web: ** „“:

University of South Bohemia Faculty of Theology offers two humanities, more religiously oriented undergraduate programs. The first is called the Humanities and the pastoral fields of study can be of assistance, Humanities and Humanities dvouobory – Bohemistika and Humanities – History. Under the heading of the second program, called Humanities, then we can find the combined fields of Religious Science – Bohemistika Religion and science – History. Entrance exams vary in parallel with the chosen field – some applicants are accepted only on the basis of an oral interview elsewhere, the results of a written test and two test somewhere. For more information about our branches click ‚here‘:

** Silesian University in Opava – Faculty and Science ** ** Web: ** „“:

Also, Philosophy and Science University in Opava provides bachelor's degree program called Humanities. Underneath you can find several dvouoborů (including a combination of English – Archaeology, Czech language and literature – History, History – Library and Italian – Museology and many others). The language courses are made directly to the entrance examination of the selected language, others are then measured results NSZ. More information is available „here“:…rske-studium. Besides the Humanities are a group of study subjects included the concept of Humanities, found at the University in Opava program also philologists, History of Science and Information and Library Studies.

Humanities, although the relevant fields not directly mentioned, including also possible to study the philosophical faculties of Masaryk University in Brno „:,"; Charles University in Prague ": http:// /, "University of Ostrava“:…, „University of West Bohemia in Pilsen: http:// / / course.php, "Universities, Jan Usti nad Labem“:… "Palacky University in Manchester ':…dijni-obory/ elsewhere.

(Updated 8th 8th 2010 (LC))

Author: Černá, Lucie

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