COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: History Added:5.6. 2014
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If you are interested in the history of greater depth than can be interpreted by teachers in high school, if you like staring into the past and had since you love reading, if you do not take into account only the financial aspect of his future employment, then the history of the field for you. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 12th 2009 (-K-)

At the outset, it should be noted, do not indicate that all subjects related to history, which can in our study, for example, auxiliary historical sciences, archives, archeology and others. This is because it is a self studovatelné fields, many of them can come some other time. So, today, only about history …

** Charles University, Prague **

** ** Course characteristics History at Charles University is the only single-discipline, offers bachelor's and then Master's courses in both full form. The course focuses on the general and Czech history from the early Middle Ages to the present. Great emphasis is placed on theoretical and methodological component of student amenities. In addition to the standard of education in history, offers a study of history at Charles University in the preparation of future teachers of history.

** Entrance Exam ** It has two rounds: the first, applicants must demonstrate their knowledge of Czech and world history from the early Middle Ages to the present and their general cultural and political overview. The second round takes the form of discussion which is based on a list of literature studied. In addition to this list, it is necessary to submit further proof of other activities in the field.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of applicants: 606 Number received: 144 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008)

** ** Student opinions Vit B, 2 year: The teaching of history at Charles University in'm Satisfied, we have a wide variety of offers from various specialized lectures, sometimes in a foreign language. Pretty good I find learning languages. The lack of a building is its limited capacity, but building a new library, so the conditions should improve over time. Studying history at Charles University is challenging, there are no proper script, so there is no other than the reams of information to learn from science-fiction literature, which often means also 10 titles per test. To sum up: read, read and read well and then have to read too. And what about the history of the future? The possibilities are enough: stay at a university or other scientific body and try to scientific activities, going on to teach high school history and languages, can also guides or try your luck at the State Department, or completely a jerk, and the knowledge of foreign languages ​​to start for a prosperous business anywhere in the world or at home, which brings me to a specialist.

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

** FF MU, Brno **

** ** Course characteristics History of the Faculty of Arts to study-time and two-field in combination with many other disciplines of Arts, the FSS and FS, both full. As the MA program is also available for teaching history to high school. Education Bachelor's degree with focus on basic problems and methods of research into the history of the early Middle Ages to the 20th century. Graduates can apply the scientific institutions, libraries, information, documentation and bibliographical centers, museums, media, education and many other places.

** Entrance Exam ** It consists only of the test study assumptions. For more „here“:…achelor_test.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of applicants: 734 Number received: 255 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008)

** ** Student opinions George G., orig. history, archeology, only now studying archeology: History I enjoyed it at school, plus I was intrigued by the fair presentation of the field school. The history of Brno is a lot of subjects, many of them are pretty competitive and also depends on the teacher. Are good for teaching young PhDs, they are in the ignition. Above are some sample rates podstandardní some mandatory items that must be met willy nilly. Studying hard is if a person reads a lot. Otherwise, a classic – it is necessary to know German to be able to translate old texts, etc.

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** Faculty of Arts University of South Bohemia, CZECH BUDEJOVICE **

** ** Course characteristics The University of South Bohemia to study either history-time, or in combination with archeology, archivnictvím, bohemica philology or offer any of the Romance languages. Master's study offers only a degree in history, in combination with bohemica or Romance language can be studied for secondary school teachers.

** Entrance Exams ** If the applicant meets certain conditions (average in high school located at the Olympics in history, see more „here“:…rod07-01.pdf) is accepted without entrance examinations. Another option is to success in international comparative tests of Scio.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of applicants: 173 Number received: 74 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008, only degree in history. The rest of „here“:…_riz_zprava/.)

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

** FF OU, Ostrava **

** ** Course characteristics History can be studied in Ostrava in the form of either full-time, or double subject. After achieving a bachelor's degree can be pursued master's degrees. In addition to theoretical education is the emphasis on practical application of knowledge and skills through professional experience. Graduates will primarily apply in institutions that deal with the history of research in museums and archives.

** Entrance Exam ** Candidates are recruited on the basis of written test results, which should cover a high school knowledge of history. It also includes work with blind map. Look at the „sample test“:…/hist_bc.pdf of 2007.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of applicants: 133 Number received: 56 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008, only degree in history. The rest of „here“:…va_ff_07.pdf.)

** Faculty Pages: ** " ':


** ** Course characteristics History can be studied only in Pardubice in combination, either with the protection of historical monuments, or the study of Slavonic countries of the European Union. In addition, other courses are offered, with a history related: historical and literary studies, cultural history and others. The combination of the Slavonic study involves in addition to standard education in the history of studying Polish, Slovenian, and Bulgarian and provides the foundation for success in the tourism field.

** Entrance Exam ** The history-dvouoboru protection of historical monuments entrance exams consist of tests of learning and test assumptions, which verifies uchazečův overview of historical events. When combined with Slavonic studies are further tested language skills in English, German, Russian or French. Tests of last year, see…_zprava-2006]] this document.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates: in the Combined column. study – 69 wt protection. Monuments – 58 Approximate number of adopted: in the Combined column. study – 50 with protection wt. Monuments – 40 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008.

** Faculty Pages: **

** The opinion of students ** Peter S., 1 Vintage: The decision led me to study history in particular that in Pardubice is the opportunity to study two-field history. In my case particularly the Slavic, but also some other fields. Interesting is also necessary to protect historical monuments, I think in the Pardubice is exceptional. Teaching is cool, teachers are generally very willing to give up and deal with them. Not study many of us, so that classrooms are overcrowded and the student life is not so anonymous. The problem is that I think just maybe the teaching of foreign languages. Then I expanded a bit, especially in terms of capacity, but the number of languages ​​taught. There is taught the most basic (EN, DE, FJ, SJ, RJ). Regarding performance, I can definitely say that it's out of work, but with no excessive demands, I have met. Everything is cool to handle, if you enjoy it. The future application of the power of ideas I have. In the study I wanted to go somewhere abroad with Socrates or Erasmus. And then we'll see …

** FF UHK, Hradec Kralove **

** ** Course characteristics History of Hradec Kralove you can study at the bachelor's degree both full, but only in combination with archivnictvím. Further study is offered to showcase the historical sciences. In the Master degree you can study only a degree in history. Graduates may apply as an archivist in both public and private archives, museum worker, conservationis­t, etc.

** Entrance Exam ** The test consists of written test of knowledge of secondary school history curriculum, where you can get 150 points. Another 50 points the candidate may get the documented activities related to the industry. Sample tests can be found „here“:…uchazec/1209.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates: 74 Number received: 38 (Applies to combine archival disciplines – history, full-time. The data come from and admission procedures. 2007/2008)

** Faculty Pages: ** „http://www.uh­“:


** ** Course characteristics History of Arts UPOL can study either the single-subject-time, on the spot. After completing undergraduate cycle can continue into the master degree, either with the specialization-time history of the older, two-field and without specialization. The course focuses on the whole history of mankind, from the earliest historical period to the end of the 19 century. Graduates will apply again in the archives, museums, newsrooms, in addition to knowledge of the other disciplines.

** Entrance Exam ** Candidates perform a test of general assumptions in the study of Scio NSZ. More information is available „here“:…maci-rizeni/.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates: jednoobor – 193 dvouobor – 215 Number received: jednoobor – 12 dvouobor – 41 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008)

** Faculty Pages: ** „http://www.ff­“:

** FF UJEP Usti NL **

** ** Course characteristics The UJEP can study either the history-time, two-field or in combination with several other disciplines of Arts and Science, plus you can choose a variant with a focus on education. Then you can continue into the master's degree.

** Entrance Exam ** It consists of a friendly motivational interview where the candidate should demonstrate an interest in the study to illustrate it with all thy seminar materials such as work placements in the Olympics, a certificate of practice, etc. In addition, the knowledge tested at the high school history. More „here“: 20rizeni/ff_u­jep_podminky_pz_2008–9.pdf%.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates: 92 Number received: 41 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008, only degree in history.

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

** FPF SLU, Opava **

** ** Course characteristics In Opava you study history as well jednoobor dvouobor for bachelor's and master's and then the downstream level. Plus, you can choose either a five-year master's degree standard history, and teaching at secondary schools. Instruction includes an overview of world and Czech history from earliest times to the present, basic Latin, auxiliary historical sciences etc..

** Entrance Exam ** Should a candidate's degree average for the first three years of high school than 1.7, then it is admitted without the entrance. Otherwise, the exercise test in history. Tests of the last admission see „here“:…ty-2007-2008.

** ** The chances of adoption Number of candidates: 83 Number received: 51 (Data come from and admission to. 2007/2008, only degree in history.

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

Another possibility to study history: „Http://ff.ujep­.cz“: „Http://www.fp­“:

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