COMPARISON Architects Part I Added:15.1. 2008
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COMPARISON Architects Part I

Design of cultural, administrative and residential buildings or even sports halls to future architects. Where visitors can study architecture, what constitutes admission process, what is the success of individual faculty or graduates to apply in practice is explained in the following article. The first part will focus on the CTU and faculty. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 12th 2009 (-K-)


** Where ** Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, a program of study Architecture and Urbanism, Architecture Study

** Form of study: ** full-time, three-year Bachelor

** Course characteristics: ** Subjects theoretical, technical, art and humanities – architectural students of the Faculty of Technical University in Prague will study basic knowledge in the industry to help them develop their creative abilities and allows the search for new paths in the architecture. Teaching aims to provide students with not only expertise, but they also outline the shape of the contemporary world and what it is influenced by contemporary architecture. Degree program is designed to be comparable in content with a type of European technical universities.

Continuing Master Study **: ** Degree Programme Architecture and Urban Planning, Architecture Study

** Graduates ** Graduates fully apply their knowledge in practice. Courses are in fact scheduled so that students have knowledge not only in architecture but also in other fields.

** Admission ** CTU will admit applicants on the basis of two studies on the recruitment process. The first round consists of three parts: visual examination, examination of the exact items and a test of general knowledge. The maximum number of points that a student can achieve in the first round is 80, to admit them into the second round, however, sufficient to 36th The second round of entrance examination takes the form of an interview, in which the admission committee assesses applicants' interest in the discipline and its overall exposure.

The success of candidates – 43.7% (2008)

** The opinion of students: ** Michalela Hronová, 2 year, Faculty of Civil Engineering: „I think that most teachers are willing to help and can communicate with them. But most of the work we do at home, because it was too slow. Because our industry is completely new, so sometimes we do not have textbooks. The school promises to promote a lot of practice, but do not get a chance to find time to practice. The atmosphere is pleasant, helpful and nice people :-))“ (Opinion of the Faculty of Architecture Student we unfortunately could not find)

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:


** Where ** Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University in Brno, Study Program Architecture and Urban Planning, Architecture Study

** ** Form of study – full-time, four-year bachelor

** Course characteristics: ** Four-year bachelor's degree will provide students with basic knowledge in engineering, visual art and computer technology. Students will meet during the first year of courses: fundamentals of architecture, geology and materials, descriptive geometry, history of architectural design, typology, in the year of the second and third example: the structure, interior and exhibition, urban design – urban design, architecture, composition, studio or building construction.

** Follow-up Master's program: ** Degree Programme Architecture and Urban Planning, Architecture Study

** Graduates ** Graduate of Bachelor's degree program is equipped with the knowledge needed to solve the fundamental problems of designing buildings, both in terms of urban linkages, and in terms of technical and visual detail. Application of the graduates are mainly in construction and architectural institutions.

** Admission ** Admissions to the BUT is two rounds. Content of the first round is January's aptitude test, in which candidates for study design, the study developed according to the model and an architectural task. Those who are successful, proceed to the next round. The second part of the entrance examination held in June in the form of a written test in mathematics and descriptive geometry in the range of secondary schools of the substance, a written test in the field of culture, architecture and art, and an oral interview training.

  • The success of candidates – 24.5% (2008)

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

Note: Data on the number of registered and enrolled students for the academic year 2007/2008 the only concern of applicants with Czech citizenship.

Sources: websites of individual faculties,…a-verejne-vs

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