The Special Field: European Studies Added:14.1. 2008
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The Special Field: European Studies

Would you like to penetrate to the very heart of European institutions? Are you close to concepts such as the European Commission, the three pillars of the EU or the Agenda 2000? Perhaps you therefore serve information about European studies … Note: Article was updated first 12th 2009 (-KAV-)

** What is the subject of study? ** Students will learn the most important aspects of European integration process, the role and status of the European Union within the international system. The study is focused on the political aspects of the development of the EU, issues of institutional structure and its decision-making mechanism, the foundations of European law, questions of common and coordinated policies, the EC / EU, including the dimension of economic and monetary union. Attention is also paid to relations with selected countries and the EU enlargement process.

The compulsory subjects are at FSS MU Modern Political History of Europe, European integration, Comparison of European political systems, the EU institutions, enlargement EC / EU. Among the electives include EC External Relations, Economic and Monetary Union, the EC single market, European Security and Defence Identity, Great Britain and the EC, EU funding, Scandinavia and European integration, Europe and the Islamic world, Structural Funds and euroregionalismus, Political Systems acceding countries.

The Faculty of Social Sciences, the program is basically similar to the audience – attend a mandatory basis for lectures and seminars in the history of European integration, political, economic and legal aspects of the integration process. Among subjects include comparative economic systems, internal EU market, historical and cultural assumptions of European integration, Western Europe – Politics and Society, Legal framework for European Integration, Institutions EC / EU, European Economic Integration and Geography and Politics in 20th Century Europe . According to its interest and focus to deepen their expertise in a wide range of optional specialized courses.

Courses are also similar at Palacky University.

** Where can I study this subject? ** In the public schools is a branch of European Studies offered Charles and Masaryk University and Palacky University. Marginally on West University.

** Masaryk University, Faculty of Social Studies ** Full-time Bachelor European Studies program at the faculty was opened in the academic year 2003/04, and the Department of International Relations and European Studies at Masaryk University. It can be single-subject study or in combination with other fields of study. Standard length of study is 3 years. Faculty website: „http://mve.fss­“:

** Charles University, Faculty of Social Sciences ** At Charles University falls under the European Studies Institute of International Studies, in particular after the Department of West European Studies. As it says on the website of the Department, „The task is to monitor field European integration process in its diversity, specialization deals with the development of European integration, political system and institutions of the EU, legal, economic and cultural aspects. Particular attention is paid to the integration of the Czech Republic into the European Union. " Unlike Masaryk University is a branch of European Studies at Charles University is offered in the form of Master's follow-up study. In both it is possible to complete specialization in French and British studies. Faculty website: "http://zes.fsv­“: Example test questions of admission: „www.fsv.cuni­.cz“:

** Palacky University, Faculty of Arts ** Palacky University offers bachelor's and master's degree in related Political Science and European Studies and the related master's degree in Political Science and European Studies. Faculty Pages:

** University of West Bohemia, Faculty of Arts ** The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen is still offered subject European Cultural Studies. Its content is not political or economic integration, but rather the philosophy, history, cultural and social anthropology and theory, and art history. Faculty website: „“:

** Metropolitan University in Prague ** Metropolitan University in Prague offers a master's degree courses European Studies and Public Administration, International Relations and European Studies and International Relations and European Studies and Bachelor of International Relations and European Studies and International Relations and European Studies. Faculty website: „http://www.mup­.cz/cs/pha/“:

** Application ** European Studies graduates may apply especially to the analytical work in scientific and teaching activities at universities, in the structures of political parties and the media. Significant scope for graduates in this field represents a job in government and diplomatic services. Furthermore, they can participate in international organizations, especially after the European Union.

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