Open Days at the Technical University in Liberec Added:14.1. 2008
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Open Days at the Technical University in Liberec

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University in Liberec, holds in the current academic year, its already the second day of open doors. It will take place on 16 January, and from 10 pm in the auditorium of St. Vladimir (E9 lecture, 3 room building E – Input from high-rise building of the Information Centre). High school students and others interested in studying at the faculty here will not only more information about his conditions, but also the opportunity in the period from 11 to 15 hours inspect laboratories and lecture halls of sub-departments of the faculty.

For more information on the program will be available at launch in the classroom and on the E9 Study Department (Building A, Halkova 6 – coach bus No. 15 and 19 of them from the train station stop at the stop street Fügnerovo in Hus Street).

Address: Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technical University, Student 2, Liberec I Faculty WWW pages: „“:

Faculty of Economics holds only one open day, and 23rd January. More information will follow.

Address: Faculty of Economics Technical University, Voronezh 13, Liberec I Faculty WWW pages: „“:

Author: Černá, Lucie

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