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Two-field study Added:19.1. 2008
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Two-field study

Courses of study subjects is wide, and some people find it difficult to choose only one who would like to pay. Some students simply solve the dilemma – will study both. But not everyone chooses well, not everyone completes the two schools. How do I get to be you were among the lucky ones?

** What happens? ** Two-field studies exists in two forms. One promoted by schools that recommend candidates select the next field, or issuing some fields only as part of mandatory dvouoborového study (with these approaches can meet such as the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University and the Faculty of Arts of Charles University). Another possibility is that the student has to decide for diverse disciplines and combines the flavor according to your wishes. If you choose this option, do not rely on the fact that the school will accommodate you. Sometimes yes, but elsewhere there will be professors, which it certainly will not like. The difference also lies in the fact that if the study of automatic-time, you must obtain a Bachelor's degree 180 credits (according to European Credit Transfer System) for the two fields together. But if you select two separate fields, waiting for you 180 credits and writing a thesis on each of these sectors.

** What can combine the two? ** Can be combined with virtually any fields. Some, however, only when they join. It must first be taken into account the time required and the overall breadth of knowledge, which in the course of study you gradually. What does that onou „spreading“ present? For example, if you plan to become a lawyer and also an expert on nuclear physics (never mind the absurdity of this connection the party), you would have to absorb a huge amount of knowledge from totally different areas. So big that it probably is not possible for the average person. In contrast, there are courses that are directly encouraged to make them a student had gained something else. A typical example is journalism, media studies or marketing communications and social sciences degree programs.

** How can it cope? ** If you opt for a combination to suit your personal liking, which is never directly incorporated as a degree program, it's worth, when you first study only one of the branches. After the first semester, when a little rozkoukáte, you can log on to the next. Maybe you find that taking up the first one so that they no longer need anything else. Lucy K. at FSS MU studying international relations and journalism. The studio says its double subject „Faculty meets us in terms of schedule. Never happened to me, that I cover subjects. Conversely, those who are inter-faculty double-subject study (ie, one field at the FSS and the latter if the FA), tend to have trouble with it. Practically, this also means two final exams, but thankfully only a bachelor's job because the work branch, which had earlier written to the second field, have recently been canceled. Two-field study in my particular case means the extension of future applications. “

** What is it with two-field work in the studio? ** Are you spending money at school and fear that it will not prosecute? Ladka, which is the second year of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, says: „The study can be managed if one does not have many other other activities. As for the schedule, both faculty accommodate me whenever I needed. The study can be done and work. "This is confirmed by Cuba, studying two different subjects at the Faculty of Social Sciences,“ even visiting several employers. As regards the timetable, the school came out to meet me, but I really do not mind. "In other words, sometimes you have to double-subject study of some lectures resign, or even extend their learning. But before Laďčiným Kubovým and inspiring approach, think about what all you intend to do during the study.

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