COMPARISON OF SUBJECTS: Architecture II. part Added:17.1. 2008
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Again, we focus on the study of architecture, this time at the Faculty of Arts and Architecture Technical University in Liberec and the Building Faculty of Ostrava in Ostrava. Note: Article was updated on the 29th 12th 2009 (-KAV-)


** Where: ** Faculty of Civil Engineering VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, program architecture and engineering, majoring in Architecture and Building

** Form of study: ** full-time, undergraduate

** Course characteristics: ** Students of architecture and engineering will be provided with theoretical and professional knowledge so that they can use their creativity to the design of buildings, such as residential buildings, manufacturing plants and cultural buildings. Studying the same time focusing on specific problems in the Moravian-Silesian region, especially in the design and construction of buildings in undermined areas. Students in the field offers articles: studio production, building construction, construction of science, environment, buildings, or architectural drawing, which is part of education and engineering. Program content field of architecture and construction meets the requirements of the European Union on the profession of architect.

Continuing Master Study **: ** Civil engineering degree program, majoring in building construction, prepared fields: Environment building, Architecture and Building

** Graduates: ** Bachelor's degree graduates find employment in the design and realization of buildings.

** Admission: ** Applicants for the study of architecture and engineering need to sit a written exam. When admission control is crucial for learning and study average from high school, where on the order of average results for each grade of high school students receive.

  • The success of candidates – 97.7% (2008)

** ** The view student Denise Gracova Courses that directly relate to architecture, taught by professors and engineers who are, in my opinion, very good professionals. Since this study introduced at the school for a short time, has dopilované some details (eg study subjects, which is a credit, it is often more difficult than the study subjects, from which we also do a test). Curriculum is really a lot, even when you are learning „from day to day“ can really take it.

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

** Technical University in Liberec – FACULTY OF ARTS AND ARCHITECTURE **

** Where: ** Faculty of Art and Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec, Bachelor's degree program of Architecture and Urbanism

** Form of study: ** full-time, four-year bachelor

** Course characteristics: ** Working in the architectural studio, where students use their creative skills and knowledge of theoretical and technical subjects, is crucial, especially in the first and second year of undergraduate study. During the course students present and defend their proposals made before the invited experts. Part of the work in the studio is five months experience in an architectural office.

** Master's programs: ** program architecture and urbanism, Department Architecture, Architectural Engineering

** Graduates: ** Graduates of the Faculty of Architecture of the Technical University in Liberec applied as partners profiling of civil engineers and experts, with which architects work together. When will graduate qualification, may act in architectural firms. To exercise an independent profession is also required license, which can get up to the prescribed practice.

** Admission: ** Admission aptitude test is three rounds. The first round focused on domestic job creation, on which the committee selects students advancing to the second round. It consists of the writing, art and architecture, the written portion of the test is drawn from the history of art and architecture, and general cultural survey and a test in mathematics. The third round takes the form of an interview on the subject of the work created. When choosing to evaluate in particular spatial imagination, artistic talents and creative abilities of the applicant.

  • The success of candidates – 26.3% (2008)

** ** The view student Eva Iron, 2 year „I like it here, this is exactly what I imagined. Above all, it's creative. The study is probably not entirely typical, we have a lot of work over a year, it is very time consuming.“

** Faculty Pages: ** „“:

Note: Data on the number of registered and enrolled students for the academic year 2007/2008, a concern only of applicants with Czech citizenship.

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