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How do I make a list read literature? Added:20.1. 2008
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How do I make a list read literature?

An inalienable part of the graduation exam is a list of literature read. Although this is the easiest part of preparations for graduation, it is not advisable to underestimate. Here are some rules that must be followed.

** Raggedy čmaropis rather than ** The first rule that is now commonplace, is a form of list. Most students would never have occurred to submit a list of reading differently than written on a computer. But there are exceptions that let you write a list at the last minute, and then gets a commission into the hands of a sheet of paper torn from a workbook in which the hands are scribbled the names of books. In this case, but you yourselves, it is clearly a need to make a good impression.

** Back! ** Sometimes my job done and coincidence. Do not write a list so at the last minute and prefer to have him „back up“ on a flash drive, or. to another computer. It's hard to believe someone that you just have the misfortune and the computer had broken down in the least opportune time.

** Still to form ** A few things to that form. Nikdyy sure sign reading list and mark heading. Individual items can be sorted either alphabetically (respect is always the same order: the author and work) or by leaving areas (if you read something to each of them). Another option for your clarification on the distribution list of foreign and Czech literature. Represented should preferably be balanced both.

** How many books include? ** Another dilemma is the number of books. Some school students to facilitate decision making and enter the exact, or. approximate number, else leave it completely on an estimate of students. If you do not know, there is nothing easier than to ask directly to teachers or graduates from previous years. Generally, the number of books read should not be overstressed, and on all sides. Multi-page list of committee members wake admiration, but rather suspect that in front of them boasted a large, half-written books that probably have not read. Conversely list up five titles, including Johnny's path in the first place, certainly in the wake committee members leaving compassion.

** A few words to content ** At the mention of Johnny's certainly the way many think that the list indicate the reading of the childhood years. The answer is: why not. If the list of these books will prevail, no one is ashamed for putting them may not. One of the circuits is also leaving literature for children and youth, and books such as the already mentioned Johnny's path, popular dog and cats and Jaroslav Foglar books are among the classics. Further recalling that should be represented by Czech and foreign literature. Do not forget the poetry. If you have trouble with the „fulfillment“ list, to be in your Browse readers' diaries, be sure you'll find plenty of inspiration.

When writing books read careful especially on the diversity list. Your professor or professor in the Czech language, while certainly pleased to determine that you have read all of Shakespeare's work from A to Z, including some titles in the original, but if you pull the ring with the name of Czech prose 19th century, then you will be reading this list is useless. Having read each circuit at least one book is really worth. Remember that reading list has saved many a high school graduates. If you pulled out of the question that many will say, sue in memory even prepared a list and try to bring a book, which is entering at least a little close. Happen is nothing worse than someone from the commission stops and returns to the original circuit. Mostly, however, let you speak and so save his own neck.

** It should really read everything? ** This question can probably best answer yourself. Our experience shows that even if you have a list of reading a rich and varied, but the titles listed so unless you've seen from a moving express train window, you risk. You might get lucky and they'll be enough knowledge from reading foreign newspapers and internet, but maybe not. It may be that the book you'll be on the list is the most popular book of the commission chairman, who reads it for calming bedtime every time nepohodne with his wife, children, or with the school (which is approximately once a week). Then you have a lot of work with the persuasion that you at least saw the book in a library shelf. Try to find a time and as many books you actually read it.

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