The new field at Newton College Added:26.1. 2008
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The new field at Newton College

Management with a focus on psychology, this is the name of the new full-time undergraduate field studies at Newton College. The students will gain economic and managerial education, learn to lead and develop people and solve many types of psychosocial problems.

Management with a focus on psychology aims to emphasize the interdisciplinary nature of the field of study. The focus of studies in economics and management area, which is significantly enhanced by psychological and psychosocial superstructure.

** Subject Studies ** Graduates from this field during their studies meet the following areas:

  • Economics, financing, organization and management companies

Macroeconomics *

  • Microeconomics
  • Global trends in business and management of companies and institutions
  • Management of projects and management processes
  • Management of social systems
  • Psychological aspects of the managerial profession
  • Psychology of Marketing and Trade
  • Leadership and team development and individual in it
  • Basic help with psychosocial problems

Compulsory part of the study is the practice of 100 hours.

** Application ** The possibility of application is relatively broad, both in public and private spheres. The main areas within the private sector are:

  • Leadership and personal development of employees at lower and medium level
  • Coaching, management consulting and training, crisis intervention
  • Personnel (search and selection of personnel for the company, organization, personnel development activities of employees, restructuring of staffing companies, etc.)
  • Customer communications company in the marketing,
  • Public Relations and Advertising

** Conditions for admission ** The basic condition for admission to the secondary educational qualification and successful completion of entrance examination, which includes a motivational essay writing and job interview.

** Fees ** 31 500, – CZK / semester (to obtain a student loan with such KB)

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