The Special Field: Veterinary courses Added:21.1. 2008
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The Special Field: Veterinary courses

Perhaps each of us, it is clear that the purpose of health studies courses is to train professionals in the field of veterinary medicine, and we can imagine, about the same as what the vet does. But we have much more vague idea about the differences between the various disciplines and what to study vet about. Note: Article was updated on 2 12th 2009th (BEL)

Study of health disciplines are among the most difficult – as is proved by the number of successful graduates. Indeed, the difficulty, I asked one student: „What is a very big workload in quantitative terms. Just next time, learn těchhle 300 pages full of Latin and that you tried … zero self-realization. The first two years are just the same "can do here so far, but it logically, there is not anything else. The very testing and test. If anyone expects the first three years of encounters with a living, so it is also very naive, "says Peter sadly. After reassuring me that one eventually gets used to it: "Nothing is left to him.“

** ** Veterinary Medicine Veterinary Medicine in the Czech Republic can be studied only at the Veterinary and Pharmaceutical University in Brno (VFU), as a six-year master's degree in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. Students must pass the more general subjects (eg biology and genetics, ecology, botany, biophysics …) and more vocational courses (including histology, anatomy, physiology, zoo-hygiene …), the study progresses, of course, prevail. The studies are also mandatory practice and internships.

The entrance examination is held in the form of a written test in chemistry and biology in the range of grammar school curriculum. The admission decision as study average of the last two years of secondary school leaving exam results and it may also affect potential students' extracurricular activities. Students who have an average benefit for a high school diploma, half-yearly report in the last year of secondary school leaving certificates of previous three years of 1.00, the entrance examination does not participate – automatically qualify for the maximum number of points.

Opportunities for graduates are relatively rich. From a separate medical practices across the state veterinary administration, research and diagnostic institutes, agriculture, food processing, pharmaceutical companies, pet supplies, to health services, epidemiology, the inspection section and environmental protection.

** Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology ** Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology VFU Brno offers the opportunity to study a six-year Master of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology. Graduates are veterinarians (MVDr.) with focus on public health, especially on health and wholesomeness of food and raw materials of animal origin, animal ecology and infectious diseases. Study plan of veterinary medicine especially in the early years are not very different, and later mix of professional courses – go through here and hygiene of animal products, technology, food production, hygiene and so on.

The entrance examination is held in the form of a written test in biology and chemistry in the range of grammar school curriculum. Account is also taken to the diameters of the qualifications for each class in high school graduation test results documented and any extracurricular activities related to the field.

Graduates find employment in public health administration, the supervision of raw materials and foodstuffs of animal origin, veterinary laboratories, for agricultural and food inspections, environmental inspections, food, and biologically-oriented research institutes (pharmaceutical, environmental, agricultural … ) or as private veterinarians.

Links: „Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Veterinary University in Brno“: „Faculty of Veterinary Hygiene and Ecology VFU Brno“:

Author: Pracný, Pavel

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