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A big plus study in Germany is a rich student life, says Kamil Kos Added:22.1. 2008
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A big plus study in Germany is a rich student life, says Kamil Kos

Study abroad, especially in recent years among college students is becoming increasingly popular alternative to „normal“ studios in the country. There are several reasons. In addition, the growing range of programs and organizations focusing on foreign study stays on it has its share of the desire of students to become independent as soon as possible, or explore new regions.

Kamil Kos (24), who is currently studying at the Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, is one of those who already have a similar experience behind them. In the fall passed the bachelor examination at the TU Dresden – Informatics, where he got thanks to the DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD clear information, see „here.“: Http:// We were interested in how to University in Dresden and also got to be seen what the difference between the German and Czech schools.

** Why did you decide to submit your application to the German school? ** Before graduation was at our high school to pass the language exam in German (Deutsches Sprachdiplom) and subsequently apply for a scholarship from the DAAD, which supports the selected students to study at German universities. I saw the chance to learn how to live and study „the west“, while independent.

** To see what you had to undergo to the chosen school you got? ** Most important for me to obtain scholarships. After I was chosen, I did not have to go through anything, nor any entrance examination or interview (in German, students at universities adopted according to the average school-leaving). All other matters had then arranged for me DAAD.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2138/Ka­mil.JPG * *]

** How hard for you to get used to a new school in a totally foreign country? ** At the beginning of the study was organized by our faculty, „introductory week,“ in which students from higher grade new students get acquainted with how it goes during the study, which is much easier to adapt to new environments.

** How were you staying, how many there were Czechs with you? ** Students are usually housed in dormitories, where each has its own room for yourself. During the study is but normal that a two to five students jointly hire an apartment, because it is often cheaper than accommodation on campus. Regarding ethnic composition, and in Dresden was the large Czech community, mostly students who were here in the Erasmus exchange program. However, the problem was not acquainted with people from around the world.

** In Bohemia, Charles University now studying. How do you differ from the Czech educational system of the German? ** Those differences would probably be more, but the biggest difference I saw in the flexibility of both systems. In Germany it is possible for universities to study interdisciplinary fields which in the Czech Republic are not very widespread. If you stretch such as computer science, and in Germany it is possible to study „Medieninformatik“ which is on the border of computer science, psychology, media theory and media technology. Therefore, it is much easier to find a suitable field of study. Moreover, in Germany, put more emphasis on practice. It is common for students in the study spend some time in any company and there trying to solve current problems.

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** Recommend you study in Germany and other people who are considering a similar experience? If so, why? ** If one is adequately equipped with the language, so definitely yes. A big plus study in Germany is very rich student life, the students for other students organize various events – whether they are student party, or even sports tournaments.

** There is something on the contrary, what may be deterred? ** Although, this point should belong to more positive things, but someone might discourage that professors require continuous preparation during the semester. Not that it's in Czech schools were otherwise, but in Germany the majority of students actually governed.

** You now have some links with people you've met in Dresden? ** Yes, with a few good friends I'm still in touch.

Photo: Kamila archive Kosa

Author: Černá, Lucie

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