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Interview with a student of archeology of the past hidden in the ground Added:24.1. 2008
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Interview with a student of archeology of the past hidden in the ground

Interested in history? Why not be archeology, which some may be regarded as fun and rewarding, yet largely related field? One such people is Matthew Forst, looking at the past rather than in paper clay. Archeology second year studying at the Philosophical Faculty of Masaryk University.

** Why did you decide to study archeology? ** I've always had an interest in history and I decided between history and archeology. After what I had in high school he found a job in Kolín Dvorak Museum of Prehistory and assisted in archaeological research, clearly outweighed the desire to dig in the dirt. I got to the history and I could give dvouobor, but I had it just as a rescue, if I get in archeology. There is industry-test, only test of study skills. Archaeology want to devote the fullest. Looking for history in the country. Historians contrast, papers, and I'm not attracted to.

** How did the entrance exams? It was difficult to succeed? ** The test had two parts: a test of study skills and industry-test. TSP is made up almost the entire university and is determined according to him the order. He came to me pretty cool, however, industry-test surprised me with its wide-ranging. The recommended preparation has been written that it is sufficient to manage secondary substance of history with particular focus on the Czech lands. As a result there from the Czech lands were probably only three questions and the test is absurd concerned first-year curriculum of Archaeology …

** How would you assess the actual study? ** Studies are mostly positive. One major advantage is knowledge to teachers of the Institute of Archaeology and the associated high level of education. I personally also like the range that is not only archeology itself, but also the fields closely related – especially science and surveying. Commendable efforts of the Department is also maximizing the use of modern technology to raise the level of archaeological research.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2139/ko­pani_na_web.JPG * *]

** School prepares you for a career as an archaeological practice? ** We have plenty of opportunities to go after a different professional excursions throughout Europe. Last year we spent a week in Poland and this year we are going to Bulgaria. Part of preparation for future employment are also mandatory three-week practice. For the first year of the school's research Těšetice near Znojmo, a sophomore at Pohansko to ride (at Zbraslav) and the třeťáku Rokštejn. It takes a part of the holidays, but the practice is paid, so they may well represent the brigade. Moreover, due to the relatively small number of people archeology students almost all well known and investigations are in a friendly fun team.

** How do you see with the application? Which one has the possibility of passing archeology? You want it all in the future look? ** I definitely want. One of the ways where I could work the Cologne Museum, with whom I work is closed for an indefinite period, sometimes also work for the department, so with luck I could find a job there (but this is quite unlikely). Other places where he could graduate from any field of archeology attached, are needed Archaeological Institute of the Academy of Sciences, Institutes of archaeological conservation, various museums and private companies such as Archaia.

** Thanks for the interview .** No problem.

[Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2139/lo­patak_na_web.jpg * *]

For more information on archeology at the Faculty of Arts, visit the „site of the Institute of Archaeology“:…tm/index.htm.

Photo: archive M. Forst

Author: Darebný, Jan

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