The MU competes for a billion Added:23.1. 2008
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The MU competes for a billion

MU students use to manage their learning agenda information system (IS), which has recently appeared Challenge „Win a billion.“ What does it mean? Of course this is not a magic ONU amount, but the number of clicks made in the system. He is currently approaching one billion (counting from March 1999).

For the first three students who click any item in the IS in the fateful moment, prices are ready – Notebook, minimyš and pocket knife. IS development team, however, warns: „If you find a massive machine will attack the attacker is blocked for a week and its approaches will be ignored.“

You, who are still only at MU about, do not worry, the competition for the jubilee clicking here are not unique – has held a total of three. Information System used at least once already almost 80 000 people registered nearly 4.5 million awarded marks. The day will also more than a million operations.

Author: Darebný, Jan

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