Private universities open doors of Economic Studies Added:30.1. 2008
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Private universities open doors of Economic Studies

Private College of Economic Studies (SVŠES) opens its doors to prospective students in the following terms:

13th 2nd 2008 12th 3rd 2008 16th 4th 2008 14th 5th 2008 11th 6th 2008 25th 6th 2008

Open Days take place each 14:00–17:00 pm

The open day prospective students can learn about space in school, get an overview of the disciplines taught on each subject, and all the conditions and particulars of the study.

Seat schools: Lindnerová 575 / 1, Prague 8 – Liben

SVŠES to „map.“: Http://www.svses­.cz/skola/kon­takt.php

More information is available „here.“: Http://www.svses­.cz/studium/ri­zeni.php

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