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Studies at universities abroad, step by step Added:28.1. 2008
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Studies at universities abroad, step by step

Thinking about university studies abroad, but fear that you managed it all? To not forgotten anything, we will schedule obligations you before accepting a foreign college waiting.

** What you need to do right from the beginning? **

** 12 to 18 months before the planned entrance to the university: **

  • Choose carefully Foreign University – think of it, the more expensive tuition fees, the greater university, and therefore a greater chance of getting scholarships. At the same time you can use these sources of information: universities catalogs, websites, student organizations and universities, advice from more experienced students.
  • Choose more universities – choose according to field of study, consult with your selection of personnel advisory center, or the foreign department of your faculty (universities).
  • Learn about programs of the European Union and other institutions at your university.

** 12 months before the planned entry: **

  • Apply the selected schools on the application form.
  • Fill out and submit the application in due course – be sure to check the conditions for obtaining scholarships. The application is usually sent by mail, recently getting into the forefront of contact over the Internet.
  • Find out what input you have to undergo tests.

** 9 to 12 months in advance: **

  • Ask for a list of index and gain his translation and confirmation.
  • Ask your teacher to write letters of recommendation.
  • Submit a completed application.
  • Ask the Foundation and the University for financial assistance.

** 4–5 months in advance: **

  • You will receive a decision from the school.
  • Choose to get on the school, and be aware of this decision all the schools to which you reported.
  • Please send proof of payment of university enrollment, along with other forms that you receive from it.
  • Contact the university regarding accommodations.
  • Find out the conditions of health insurance.

** 3 months before entering school: **

  • Ask for an entry visa.
  • Reserve your ticket or ticket.
  • Ensure your insurance.

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