Palacky University courses organized by the biblical languages Added:26.1. 2008
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Palacky University courses organized by the biblical languages

Latin language courses, New Testament Greek and Biblical Hebrew offers Cyril and Methodius Theological Faculty of Palacky in Olomouc. They are intended for the public, but they can also sign UP students and other universities.

Courses will take place through block lectures on Friday afternoon and then on Saturday. The first 29 will be 2nd and 1 3, the last block of the 20th – 21 6th Teaching will be based on the standard with basics of word formation noun and verb, and songs, accompanied by the reading of original texts and some commentary on the evolution of language and historical context.

Students who pass the final exam will receive a course completion osvěděcení. You can sign up to the 12th 2nd 2008th More information is available „here“:…cle/64/3132/.

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