New course at the Faculty of Arts - japanistika Added:27.1. 2008
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New course at the Faculty of Arts - japanistika

Masaryk University Faculty of Arts offers from 24 1st In 2008 the opportunity to sign up for field japanistika. This philological studies are possible only in a two-field form, either in combination with another philology (English, Czech, French, Spanish, balkanistika, Latin and many others) or other disciplines (archeology, philosophy, ethnology, art history, etc.)

The basis for admission will be only the result of a test study of assumptions, which organizes the Masaryk University, and which the most use of their faculties. Expected number of accepted applicants is 30

Graduate japanistiky will be able to communicate in written and spoken Japanese, in addition to abound in knowledge of history and culture of the country. More information about the new field, click „here“:…/japanistika.

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Author: Darebný, Jan

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