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High school and modeling. Why not? Added:30.1. 2008
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High school and modeling. Why not?

John Marigold (22) sixteen years of working as a model. She lived in Milan, Paris, London, Tokyo and other countries. Yet while she could graduate from high school. After graduation he traveled and went to work. Now a second year student of International Relations and European Studies Metropolitan University Prague.

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** What made you that you're in high school, he joined almost two years after graduation? ** I've always wanted to study at the university, but after graduation it was a priority for me. I think I wanted at the time of the school in its own way to relax and try to life from a different site.

** Planned on you if you'll ever go in the studio? ** Of course. I graduated from high school and I knew that the college will be perfect after that. Just at that moment I did not know what school to choose.

** If you are then joined the school, I resented the time gap in some way? ** No, not in any way. They were basically just two years, which is not much difference.

** What did this „study break“ brought? ** Above all, I realized how much I miss the „normal“ life. A daily schedule, home, family, become friends certainty. When you are traveling and so every now and then in another place, some friends and „home“ you have, but it varies from month to month. I also knew that I wanted something more from life.

** Why did you chose a private school, not the state? ** I changed my mind at the last minute in August. The only option was just a private school. The last possible day I filed, this week made an entrance examination and a month later he started going to school.

** You chose the field of International Relations and European Studies. Where can you find a graduate application? ** For example, at the Ministry, public administration, the European Union, the Embassy, ​​various organizations – both governmental and nongovernmental. The application is great.

** Learning to pay your own. Does this affect your access to it? ** I'm trying to study access responsibly. Preparing to go to lectures. I do not think that if I went to public school, so I approached the study differently.

** Are you satisfied with the quality of teaching? ** Absolutely. We have plenty of quality professors and most of them are even published. Some of us teach as well as externally, for example, from the University.

** Your classmates are more younger or older? Also applies to school themselves? ** Most are younger. School they are often paid by parents, but there are also those who earn the study goes on holiday or working abroad, but those are fewer. Moreover, the job is usually a bit at the expense of the school.

** They know you're a model? ** Perhaps you do, I never talked about it much. They know me as a normal girl, and it is important to me.

** How did you manage to study together and occupation models? ** Models do most of the holiday, so with that I have no problem. This year my work to be stretched and I missed the beginning of the semester, but only about 3 weeks. And it is still possible.

** Are you in Brno. What made you so that you can go to study in Prague? ** After these years of traveling and living in major cities around the world would feel a little small in Brno. Prague is a beautiful metropolitan city and I always knew that one day move out there. But I must admit that at Brno in Moravia, and always I love coming back.

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