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I sit almost all the time in the office, says graduate Protection and landscaping Added:31.1. 2008
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I sit almost all the time in the office, says graduate Protection and landscaping

Protecting and Landscaping (OTK) at the University of Ostrava is one of many eco-industries, which are in Czech schools can learn. I asked Ian F. from Opava to OTK and studied for several years working in the field, his experience of learning and subsequent application.

** Why did you decide to study OTK? **

I've always been interested in geography and also nature conservation, protection and so me and Landscaping came as a good combination. In addition, there are entrance exams in geography and only marginally in biology (which I never really did not go). And it was in Ostrava, which is quite a bit from Opava.

** How did the entrance exams? It was difficult to succeed? **

Entrance exams conducted by the test then – A, B, C, D, nothing else, such as interview, was not. I do not know how many people have reported, but it took roughly one third. And the test itself, I looked fairly easy (where it comes from orange, etc.).

** How would you assess the actual study? **

University of Ostrava is quite young, so sometimes it was even known. The quality of teaching of individual subjects are quite varied, as well as their intensity. Part of the credits was almost „free“, only some of the tests were very demanding (Geoecology, geology, chemistry, …). Otherwise, the school prevailed over theories of practice, which was scarce. But I know that even this is improving.

** Prepared you enough time to practice? **

Few studies prepare you for practice – you know such a school? If after working in the field will help you to see the issue of what you are doing, in context, but the practice is coming up at work.

** It was hard to find after graduation work? **

It is true that the offer for our field is so broad as to be economists. Most of it may be the work of various state institutions (ANCLP, ME or MA, the Land Office, APLA, etc.), or design firms or corporate environmentalist, etc. Our annual issues or not, most people work – even if it is a long time – found, and mostly in the field.

** Can you describe what you do? How far is your current exercise Your original ideas during the studies? **

I work at the department of counseling and monitoring the environment in Opava. We do – especially for public administration – various expert studies, reports, etc. In contrast ideas sitting in the office almost every day and realize that I would prefer some „dynamic“ occupation.

** He told you something to people who are thinking about studying a similar field? **

Whether in the studio trying to get the most out of practice – the school is involved in many projects and I think that working on them gives most students experience more „know“ the teacher, etc.

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Author: Pracný, Pavel

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