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How to fill out the registration slip to the university? Added:1.2. 2008
Updated:16.1. 2013
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How to fill out the registration slip to the university?

Most of us already meets the minimum slip. As a prospective study at university, however, the specter of possibly avoid it. Your effort often results in fierce škrtáním and fill in new forms. That's why we've prepared a succinct and clear instruction that will make filling out bills.

** ** Providing bills Below you can find free slip at the post office. You will need a postal order (colloquially payslip) Type A. I'd rather take a couple of them in stock.

** Completion of postal orders ** The good news is that the back of the form can be ignored. The front consists of three parts. Completely on the left shows the control slip – proof of payment. Summing up the information it contained the entire pleat. The middle part of the bills list all addresses school. Boxes on the right relate to the account information on the amount you send (see, for example in the teaching newspaper or on the school website). Bottom right, then fill in your initials. Model filled type A is as follows:

[* * Http://www.vy­­tem/data/2150/slo­zenka.gif]

** ** Payment of bills Once you have completed payslip, double-check all the details and go to the post office. Keep in mind that each remittance to the amount of CZK 22 still pay extra for postal services. The worker will mail a coupon payment before the inspection. The mount to the upper left corner of your application. We recommend the event that complications occur (eg, the application is lost on the way), slip copy and get your copy.

** ** Additional recommendations

  • All slip fill in legibly, using block letters, preferably blue or black pen.
  • Purpose of payment in the box as you type in „fee for admissions.“
  • In the box „saying“ you write the words (this time writing letters) the full amount, without spaces. Thus, there often appears „five hundred“.
  • Amount to be completed as close to předtištěnému symbol „CZK“ or „h“ that there was not something can be entered. Alternatively, you can cross through the free space horizontally.
  • Bank code number is listed after the slash on the account number. Eg. for the Czech Savings Bank is therefore 0800th
  • If the information the school provided the variable or constant symbol, you must provide the pleat is well! Variable symbol in the first part of the bills align right.
  • As a rule one application – one slip, so you can not send money for multiple applications through one slip.
  • Send by registered mail application itself – ie. That you must fill out before sending the posting list, which serves as proof that you have sent all time. Get it for free at the post office. The recommended applications sending pay 30 CZK.
  • Fill in the account number from the back.

We hope this manual will fill you slip a toy, so good luck!


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