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The embarrassment is not when, the music flows in time, think a young conductor Added:7.2. 2008
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The embarrassment is not when, the music flows in time, think a young conductor

Choir is one of the fields, whose existence seems everyone knows, but few would actually be sought in the study programs of universities. What must know what the future choirmaster and pitfalls of his profession lies, told in an interview with Kamil Travnicek. A young man who founded the internationally successful Krnov girls choir Ars voce.

** What school did you study, in which year? **

I studied in the years 1997 – 2002 at the Pedagogical Faculty of Ostrava University study Music / choirmaster, teacher training for the third. high school degree.

** What attracted you to the field and how many students were in your class? **

The reasons to study this field, was quite enough. In high school I pretty sports, even my high school diploma in physical education, but common sense decided that I would not have done fifty years and I would roll my students to laugh. The choir have gone since childhood. Perhaps the experiences, feelings of nice music, etc. were the most decisive in the final decision. Choral art is in essence a great adventure. You never know what will happen, but you're trying to do everything for a good outcome. But it also has its downsides. You are always dependent on someone. It surpasses anything but feelings of a job well done, the applause of your audience, or joy sboristů. In the year we were three. But this number was the same in all years.

** What items must handle future conductor? Can you remember the object that was for you „nightmare“, or vice versa, you had a favorite school? **

Each subject is inherently important. Conductor should have a really great view and not just in music. A more general overview is also useful. Remember the object that I just love, certainly not so difficult. Perhaps the biggest fear I had of playing the piano. It was a poor teacher, however, definitely not! Rather, my laziness to exercise. Paradoxically, it was one of the most interesting in the higher grades. „Kumštýřským 'benefit, but also an enriching experience of art history and general cultural outlook, a chamber music with René Adámek. I can not forget the lessons of conducting Lumir Brewery. It was a personality to which people will remember for life. A man who not only skills, but the overall "člověčenstvím“ surpassed anything I have ever known. Furthermore, the solo singing lessons with Josef Fryčáka, history, music of George Mazurka, intonation and harmony Ludek Zenkl hearing, the history of choral art John Spisara and so on. The list of celebrities would be really great.

** Do you think that the study was useful, respectively. You could tell how many of the items that you have graduated, it was really „something“ and how many of them are never used in practice? **

As I said earlier, all subjects gave me something. Of course you are taking something more and something only occasionally. If I had to really think deeply, however, I have never made use of knowledge creation counterpoint. Despite everything I know where in your library search and whom to contact if.

** Generally, men are the exception rather pedagogical schools. How have you been on you? Did you even classmates, or were you the only man in the class? „Spoil“ the classmate you, did you use it at all? **

This field is not just the domain of women. Maybe just the opposite. In five of the annual U.S. was approximately one third of men and women rest. Men are after all just tightened things closer to the final forms, so the larger and more established churches often find men. That does not mean that women are not good choirmaster. Just have your professional life difficult for the vital role of motherhood. Perhaps I now none of the female touch. The great „pampering“ have much time. We used a lot of exploitation in their churches and jobs. But relations had always been friendly.

** Did you practice as well as mandatory? Where did you practice, „he“? **

We had to attend practice every year in various choirs – children, women, mixed and male. But the greatest experience for me was a male choir Vitkovice. I also went there next year alongside Lumir Brewery. Too bad that school responsibilities, together with a children's choir Formanek, prevented my other work in this great group.

** Can you remember what kind of feelings you had when you first stepped in front of the choir choirmaster? **

Horrible! The feeling of insecurity and shame. But you do not have much time to think about it. Music flows in time.

** It was hard to find a job after school, or have already had an agreed work? **

I had a job since the first year of college. I was employed as a teacher of music lessons and choir director at F. Forman Elementary School in Ostrava – Dubina. Here I also founded a children's choir Formanek. After graduation, I had a guaranteed job at the Secondary Pedagogical School in Krnov. My dream is completed and I returned to my school where I graduated. Everyone knows that it is congregational singing at these schools achieved the highest quality. So I am also took the post of choirmaster and secondary teacher and founded a girls' choir Ars voce, which is reaping success at home and abroad. Choral singing here is continuing and I are entered in the chronicle of such luminaries as Lumír Brewer, Richard and George Hrček Slovik.

** When your work is often no shortage of hot moments you remember any? **

Those experiences are incredibly high. Especially when you affect girls' school. I spent about an hour here describing different experiences. Certainly I know one thing – they were, are and will be. (Laughter)

** You've disappointed me a bit, I expected that I tell a nice story about how a young man stands before a class full of young girls .**

Surely you can imagine our embarrassment of men, the class full of young ladies. Women generally know how us men. How can carry us to embarrass and otherwise change the face pinched in a beautiful red color. And from different puns to situations that are truly „stupid,“ he writes. Especially for a young teacher it's the moment would like to see.

** What would you advise students who are considering whether to go for this career? ** Go to run, go for a beer and then double check with her psychologist (laughs). Now seriously. It's a really nice field. You will experience many adventures, you will bring joy not only themselves but also people around you, listeners. But unfortunately, the time when the company carried a value other than education and culture. Vidin also see better times. So what to say more? I definitely do not regret, but in another life I would chose differently.

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