TUL organizes preparatory courses for medical Added:4.2. 2008
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TUL organizes preparatory courses for medical

Technical University organizes preparatory courses for health professionals. They take the form of four-hour blocks. They are intended for applicants to study Nursing program – nurse. The whole project is organized by the Department of Health Studies University.

Applicants can apply to individual blocks according to their own interest. The price of a six-hour block is 360 crowns, and courses are held in Saturday from 9:00 to 14:00.

Deadline for applications is 7 March 2008.

Dates and topics: 15th March – Human Biology (Anatomy) 29th March – Human Biology (Physiology) 12th April – Biophysics 26th April – Biochemistry

Venue: Technical University of Liberec Hus 1290–1275 Building F, Room F02

For more information „here.“: Http://tuni.tul­.cz/clanek/3352/

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