The Special Branch: Germanistik Added:8.2. 2008
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The Special Branch: Germanistik

Learning foreign languages ​​has become a modern issue. To work in a larger company, without a good knowledge of at least one foreign language, probably can not do. If you decide to study it in college, choose carefully. Germanistik is suitable for those who want to refine a good knowledge of German. Note: Article was updated 10.12.2009. (-Pel-)

** ** The content of studies Germanic is the designation for the German philology. Usually you can find it hidden under the name of German language (German philology) and literature. Since the applicant is expected that his knowledge of German is very good. It is not a field where students would learn German only. The basic object of study is the development and construction of the language.

** Items ** In this field you can expect items such as the history of German-speaking countries, phonetics and phonology, morphology, culture and tradition of German-speaking countries, introduction to Germanic linguistics, German literature, German stylistics.

** Application ** Graduates may apply as teachers in primary and secondary education, international businesses, tourism, can feed translation and interpreting activities, they can work in newsrooms in both Czech and foreign periodicals in journalism, the cultural and scientific institutions.

Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc on their site indicates that since the nineties, when the Germanic studies at the school reformed, do not register a single unemployed graduate.

** ** Přijímačky Admission varies. In addition to good knowledge of the language and realities in some schools you can add points for successfully passed exams. Somewhere for you at the oral examination may request a list of literature read. Check well in advance so the pages of the faculty to which you are applying, the exact conditions.

** ** Student Observations Laďka (21), second year student at Charles University in Germanic. „Germanistik in the UK I chose it because I consider the most prestigious in the country. The study completely fulfilled my expectations. I would recommend them to those who are really interested in the language and is not boring theory. Germanic Studies is quite challenging, especially at a time. Lectures take me about four days a week for four to five hours, plus hours of homework. In the future I can work either as a teacher in middle or high school, or employee of a cultural institute. But the study of Germanic is mainly German. The development and structure of language. It is not about culture or German conversation and its practice in order to arrange a vacation! “

** ** Where to study „Faculty of Arts, University of Ostrava“: „Faculty of Arts of Charles University“: „Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc“: „Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University“: „Philosophy and Science Silesian University in Opava“: „Faculty of Arts, University of Jan Evangelista Purkyně in Usti nad Labem“: „Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia“:

Note: The German can also study at faculties, but because they have slightly different orientation did not report.

Source: Pages, University of Ostrava University

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