MU opened for study online discussion forums Added:9.2. 2008
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MU opened for study online discussion forums

Applicants for study at Masaryk University can now directly get answers to all questions related to admission procedures. Masaryk University for them in January opened an internet discussion forums where they can discuss with other candidates. At the same time attendees will have access to all the updated answers to frequently asked questions. Engage in online discussion will be able to all those who have established an electronic application form.

„This is an experimental operation of unique services for a candidate who could help them in finding answers to questions related to the admission procedure and also lighten the e-mail user support of admission,“ said Vice-President for Information Technology Ivan Black.

University uses an electronic registration for five years. Since last year, applications are no longer accepted in paper form. In 2006, the study personnel department had received 96 percent of applications in electronic form. After the abolition of paper applications in 2007 came to 61,761 electronic applications from nearly 40,000 applicants.

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