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Scio, that I know nothing Added:18.2. 2008
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Scio, that I know nothing

Scio, first in Latin person singular verbs to know, at our institution, organizing the testing of the application process and also providing training to them. Known among students – some in heaven sentencing, others cursed to hell. What about Sciu (not) know? Read more …

Most of you probably say, „Scio … yeah, those are sciotesty.“ And he is partly right. This is a company that develops every entrance and comparative tests in collaboration with middle and high schools (National comparative trials), will provide evaluation projects, the development of new educational tools for the use of modern technology and promotion.

Scio tests ** ** The best activity of the organization are obvious national comparative trials (NSZ), which passed in many schools, the main criterion for admission. They test the candidates knowledge of several subjects, whose membership is optional. Each school then has its own requirements that applicants must undergo tests in their admission procedures. More about the NSZ, read „this article“:…em/index.php?…. List of colleges, entrance exams are replacing National benchmarking tests or consideration to their findings, see „here“:…/pz_scio.asp.

Interest of faculty raises. To get an idea – last year, underwent tests on 25,000 candidates. "According to the NSZ will be in 2007/2008 to enroll 47 universities. The project is similar to a similar model applied for decades in the U.S. and is based on the idea of ​​an objective and transparent verification of general or specific study of assumptions, "says spokesman Bohumil Kartous SCIA.

General study assumptions (OSP) are certainly the most widespread form of entrance exams, often in combination with another object (eg a language, mathematics and social science), which mimic occupational tests – mathematics požadují eg technical direction of the school, SES třeba social science faculty. OSP is composed of three sections: verbal, quantitative and analytical thinking. This is in no way a test of general knowledge, test only the skills of candidates.

** ** For and Against There are arguments of some students who criticized the testing method of Scio: The NSZ is organized, you can sign up for more terms, because the candidate has a better chance of adoption. The price is quite high. The company also provides training, which consists of different courses, manuals, etc. Mock tests, but the price is also low. This means that getting to school today is just for those of us wealthier?

Bohumil Kartous responds: „Although this argument odd-argued, because the candidate in the NSZ will save a significant amount of travel, accommodation, and in case of multiple applications to schools under NSZ also receiving the application, the company still decided to Scio to accommodate those who find themselves in poverty, and gives them a very strong social discount. “

„I think that the prices of materials and preparation courses are“ nestudentsky „high, but from my own experience I know that they can get from my friends older version of the test, etc. The issues vary, but the solution methods are basically still the same,“ said Martin D. , current student of the Faculty of Arts and FSS, which has undergone testing Scio two years ago. Interesting is also this „forum“:, where you can look up procedures for dealing with such different types of tasks.

** Motivation? High School and the Civitas Club .** The motivation to try to succeed best in the National Comparative tests may be in addition to the visions of study at school and dreamed that the best solvers are offered membership in takřečeném Civitas Club.

"This is an activity supporting talented candidates to study at university and then college students. His business is to organize meetings colloquium nature, which are targeted at a socially significant and the main topic. The last time was a topic of assisting third countries, the previous meeting was marked by the debate on the role of media in a globalized world. The activity of the club members support the presence of special guests, who are the subject of what to say and who participate in the debate, "said Bohumil Kartous.

** What about the future? ** Scio company certainly does not end with their activities with the national comparative tests. It opens up a large space in the international comparison of knowledge, skills and abilities of students. Scio also has several years of providing e-learning courses and perceive as very interesting phenomenon of computer games. „Opportunities and challenges are many and we hope that other“ Scio solution „will be as successful as national comparative tests,“ he added at the end of Bohumil Kartous.

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Author: Darebný, Jan

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