The Special Field: Physical Geography Added:12.2. 2008
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The Special Field: Physical Geography

Geography, it is a science with a wide range – from the story of Earth's surface, to study phenomena related to human society. So is the border between natural and social sciences. In this article we look at those přírodovědněji oriented fields. Note: Article was updated on 2 12th 2009th (BEL)

** Items ** The rate of distribution of human and physical geography is a branch from school to school. For example, in Glasgow, students have to cope with the physical objects and human geography – geographical information systems, cartography, regional geography, landscape ecology, methods Geog. survey, etc.. Furthermore, the decision for the physical geography courses directly related to this branch of study, focusing on the description of the Earth – geomorphology, climatology, hydrology, pedogeography, biogeography, etc.. They are also open to articles for human geographers focused on transportation, population, industry and agriculture, etc. All geographers also need to master the basics of statistics and data processing. At some other schools through to undergraduate students studying almost all the same items and focus more closely to the studio master.

** ** How to study Study programs and courses, including geography has in its offer most of the science faculties in the Czech Republic. For example, „Charles University in Prague“: holds a bachelor's degree course in Geography and Cartography ** ** with the possibility of further follow-up specializing in the study. The entrance examination is held there in mathematics and geography. „Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno“: writes in Geography and Cartography Program Areas ** ** Geography is the second year to choose the human or physical orientation, and ** Geographical Cartography and Geoinformatics **, focused on mapping, GIS and spatial data. Entrance examinations take the form of a test study assumptions (TSP) and professional test of geography. In Manchester the „Palacky University“: exists within the program scope ** Geoinformatics Geology and Geography **. Under the program, then study Geography Regional Geography ** **. The admission is required to pass the entrance exam in geography in the school curriculum and the extent of general knowledge about current events in the world to take on Geoinformatics is further examination in mathematics. „Faculty, University of Ostrava“: study offers several geographic areas. Apart from humanely-oriented political and cultural geography and the geography and regional development, which is somewhere in between, the physically-oriented fields Cartography and Geoinformatics ** ** and ** Physical Geography and Geoecology **. Tests are underway in the form of a general study of the test assumptions (OSP). The „Science of the University of Jan Evangelista“: in Usti nad Labem to the studio to have two courses focusing on geography – Geography ** ** ** Geography and Central Europe ** . The acceptance is needed to succeed in the test of geographical knowledge.

I should mention from the physically-oriented ** ** Applied Geography, which is in the „Education of the Technical University in Liberec“: or Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno. It is implemented only in the form of a bachelor's degree without the master field, addressing in particular the study of the foundations of geography and other natural sciences and their practical application.

The study of geography has still some faculties of education, but these modes of teaching I will not pay.

** Application ** Graduates geographical disciplines is quite broad. For example, in the state and local government, from government ministries (foreign, local development, environment, agriculture) to county and municipal offices. Involved in strategic planning and design of protection against natural disaster sites (eg floods). They can also be applied in organizations sourcing, assessing and processing spatial data, whether on land registry offices or agencies with a focus on environmental protection, transport and regional development. The possibility also find application in educational and research institutions, for example, or in travel agencies.

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Author: Pracný, Pavel

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